Organ Donor Memorial

Pay homage to the organ donors who have saved many lives. This organ donor memorial page is an attempt to create an everlasting presence for the families that have come forward to donate organs of their loved one and have given a “Gift of Life” to many patients suffering from organ failure.

We welcome you to share your memories, organ donation story, photos or, write tributes honouring the life of your loved one that had been an organ donor.

Please send us your well-drafted donor stories and tributes along with high definition photographs.

Note: The publishing of the donor story is subject to the decision taken by editor/members of MOHAN Foundation.

Organ Donor Stories

Mr. Karsandas Gopaldas  Gaudana

Age : 89 Years

Mr. Karsandas Gopaldas Gaudana, aged 89 years, was a businessman from Gujarat, settled in T.Nagar, C...

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Mrs. Shobha Anand  Joshi

Age : 78 Years

Mrs. Shobha Anand Joshi On September 25, 2021 at 22.30 hours, Mr. Bulu Behera, Transplant Coordin...

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Mrs. Sunanda Nayak  

Age : 55 Years

Mrs. Sunanda Nayak, born on 22nd December 1967, at Honnavar in Kumta District had a joyful childhood...

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Mr. S. Ramalingam  

Age : 89 Years

On 17th June 2021, Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan received a call on the Helpline around 1 PM i...

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Maroju Dwitika  

Age : 7 Years

Dwitika's donation symbolises the duality of life

On the evening of 9th Jan...

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Mr. Hemant Kumar Agarwal  

Age : 56 Years

Mr. Hemant Kumar Agarwal was born and brought up in Meerut. He set up a business in Delhi and would ...

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Mr. Dharam Bir Guliani  

Age : 79 Years

Mr. Dharam Bir Guliani was a sensitive and compassionate man and a person of high integrity. He was ...

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Ms. Manisha Roy  

Age : 19 Years

This memorial about Manisha Roy has been contributed by a recipient who had received one of Manisha'...

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Ms. Sadhna  Mundari

Age : 27 Years

Sadhna Mundari was a shy young woman. She kept mostly to herself. While not very social, she was ext...

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Mr. Sudhakar  

Age : 30 Years

Mr. Sudhakar, 30 years old, son of Mr. Ganapathy, hailed from Paradapattu, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. A...

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