Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Haridhass   - 58 Years

    Mr. Haridhass, worked as a school bus driver in Erode, Tamil Nadu. While working with children, he was always friendly with everyone. Even during tough economic situations, he put his family's needs first and provided the best for his daughter and wife. He was very kind and supported all who sought help.

    October 01, 2023, at 3.30 PM he passed away due to cardiac failure. His daughter Ms. Saranyadevi, dialled the organ donation helpline, hoping to donate her father's eyes, as a legacy. Mr Ganesh C, Marketing Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation guided her and linked up with the nearest eye bank. The corneas were retrieved by Arasan Eye Hospital, Erode.

    Later, that week his family received the pleasant news from the eye bank that the corneas have been successfully transplanted and someone got the gift of vision, thanking the family's noble decision. The family is consoled that Mr. Haridhass's eyes continue to see the world.


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