Organ Donor Memorial

Pay homage to the organ donors who have saved many lives. This organ donor memorial page is an attempt to create an everlasting presence for the families that have come forward to donate organs of their loved one and have given a “Gift of Life” to many patients suffering from organ failure.

We welcome you to share your memories, organ donation story, photos or, write tributes honouring the life of your loved one that had been an organ donor.

Please send us your well-drafted donor stories and tributes along with high definition photographs.

Note: The publishing of the donor story is subject to the decision taken by editor/members of MOHAN Foundation.

Organ Donor Stories

Mrs. Sudha  Subramanian

Age : 56 Years

Mrs Sudha Subramanian was diagnosed with a malignant "high-grade glioma" in the brain stem on Sept...

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Mr. Ramachandran  S

Age : 82 Years

On May 30, 2022, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai office received a call for assistance in eye and body don...

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Mr. Bhupendra  

Age : 25 Years

Mr. Bhupendra was born in Panchkula. A second-year Bachelor of Arts student at a Delhi-based open un...

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Mr. Sanjeev M  Gurnanaye

Age : 46 Years

Mr. Sanjeev M Gurnanaye was a 46 years old who hailed from Sindhu Nagar, Nagpur. By nature, he was a...

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Smt. Jayashree Arvind  Kulkarni

Age : 67 Years

In the early hours of January 27, 2022, at around 4:30 AM, Ms. Jaya Jairam of MOHAN Foundation recei...

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Smt. Kusum Devi  Burad

Age : 77 Years

In the words of Mr. Kapish Jain (nephew of Smt. Kusum Devi Burad) -

"Around a decade bac...

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Mrs. Shashikala Keshav  Bahirat

Age : 72 Years

Mrs. Shashikala Keshav Bahirat, a 72-year-old woman hailed from Pune and work as a daily wage labour...

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Mr. Vasant  Sardesayi

Age : 82 Years

Mr. Vasant Sardesayi was an 82 year old retired military personnel hailing from Nagpur. He had three...

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Mr. Vinay Balkrishna  Shetye

Age : 72 Years

On December 20, 2021, Ms Jaya Jairam received a call from a relative of the deceased, Mr Vinay Balkr...

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Mr. Bapu Bhima  Sathe

Age : 50 Years

Mr. Bapu Bhima Sathe, was a 50 year old man who used to work as a labourer in construction sites. He...

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