National Organ Donation Toll Free Help Line
1800 103 7100

(This initiative is supported by SBI Foundation)

National Organ Donation Toll-Free Help Line - 1800 103 7100 was initiated by MOHAN Foundation and has been functioning from 2012 onwards. The objective of this helpline is to provide service which offers information, support, guidance and referral for all those concerned with any aspect of organ donation and transplantation.

We have been able to provide this service to the public in eight languages. • English   • Hindi   • Telugu   • Tamil   • Kannada   • Malayalam   • Marathi   • Oriya

On an average we answer about 1000 calls a month. Share our National Organ Donation Toll Free Helpline 18001037100 with your family, friends, colleagues, employees such that it reaches to the needy patients and they can contact us for more information.

Nearly 50% calls received by the helpline are in Hindi and Marathi language. 25% callers speak in English. The helpline gets more than 70% of calls during office hours. A snapshot of the call distribution is given below.

Annual total calls to the Helpline

Donations done through Helpline

Recent impactful event 1:

On 7th September 2019, Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan, Helpline Executive received a call on the Helpline around 2:40 PM in the afternoon from Alandur, Chennai. The caller, Mr. Dinesh, informed that a relative (uncle’s mother) had passed away in the morning around 11 AM and the family would like to donate her eyes. The deceased, Mrs. Susheela, mother of Mr. Purushothaman, aged 71 years had been suffering from cancer. She had undergone a mastectomy a few years ago; unfortunately there was a recurrence and the cancer had spread to the stomach leading to her demise.

Ishwarya informed the caller that she was unsure if corneas could be retrieved because of the cancer and had to check with an eye bank. Pammal Sankara Eye Bank was called first and they informed that they do not retrieve corneas of a cancer patient.

Ishwarya then called Sankara Nethralaya, who informed her that corneas of cancer patients could be retrieved if the patient has not undergone chemotherapy/radiotherapy in the last two months before demise. Sankara Nethralaya was given the contact details of Mr. Dinesh to coordinate the donation. Ishwarya got to know from Mr. Dinesh that technicians from Sankara Nethralaya were on their way for the retrieval. During follow-up, it came to light that the cornea retrieval was successfully done by Sankara Nethralaya.

MOHAN Foundation is grateful to Mr. Purushothaman, Mr. Dinesh and the other family members for their noble gesture.

Report by – Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan

Recent impactful event 2:

On September 5, 2019, Ms. Pallavi Kumar received a call from Mr. Manoj Verma at 4.00 pm expressing a desire to donate the corneas of his late father, Mr. Prem Chand Verma. The death had occurred at 1.30 pm. He had called the MOHAN Foundation National Organ Donation Toll free helpline and received Pallavi’ s number from one of the helpline counsellors.

Pallavi then contacted the Niramaya Eye Bank as the family was from Gurugram itself. Mr Ganesh, the technician at the eye bank responded promptly and contacted Manoj. Even though the deceased was 82 years of age, the eye bank went ahead and retrieved both the corneas.

The deceased, Mr Prem Chand Verma, had pledged for eye donation and had filled up the form very recently. The family honoured his wishes by ensuring corneal donation.

MOHAN Foundation salutes the donor and his family for this noble gesture.

Report by – Ms. Pallavi Kumar

Recent impactful event 3:

On 21st August 2019 a call was received by helpline counsellor Mr T. S. Sivashankar for a possible donation in Chandigarh. He gave them my number for further coordination. I received a call from Ms. Rajinder Kaur Kurali, informing demise of Mr. Jaspal Singh, 70 Yrs of age in Chandigarh.

Family was interested in organ donation. I asked if it a Natural Death or Brain death. She didn’t know the difference between brain death and natural but confirmed that he has already passed away. I appreciated her awareness and willingness towards helping others in time of grief. I informed as to which organs can now be donated. I counselled for Eye Donation to which she agreed and got consent from other family members.

I explained the simple process of eye donation and that it can be done at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh itself and contacted the eye bank of GMCH Sector 32 Chandigarh. They responded quickly and reached the ward of the Medical College and initiated the process of Eye Donation.

I reached the hospital to be with the family and helped in smooth processing of the donation. The family was in a hurry to take back the body to Kurali, which is a nearby township. The donation was done successfully.

We thank the family of Mr Jaspal Singh for their decision to give sight to two people.

Report by – Ms. Neha Sharma

Recent impactful event 4:

On August 18, 2019 at 8.30 pm Dr. Hemal (MF Counselor) answered a call about a possible cornea donation in Haryana. She informed me about this call. At 8.48 pm, I received a call from Mr Himanshu that his sister's father in law had passed away and he wished to donate his eyes.

I then explained the process of eye donation. He had lot of queries regarding the same, would the corneas be utilised and not misused, would they go to the needy, can other organs be donated like kidneys and liver. I answered all his queries to the best of my ability. I also explained the condition in which other organs can be donated and to my surprise I found out that the donor had died of brain haemorrhage and was declared brain dead in one of the leading transplant centre in Gurugram. But, the treating physician had not given them the option of organ donation and they were advised to take the patient home.

I then coordinated with Niramaya Eye Bank in Gurugram whose technician successfully retrieved the corneas at 2330 hours.

MOHAN Foundation thanks the family for their decision to give sight to two people.

Report by – Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi

Recent impactful event 5:

On 16th August 2019, at 7.40 pm Mrs. Jaya Jairam received a call from Mr. Harish saying that his friend, Mr. Nilesh Raut had just lost his grandmother and they wished to donate her eyes. Mrs. Jaya got in touch with Mr. Raut and understood that his grandmother had passed away at home at Ambernath. The family was keen to donate the eyes and any other organs that could be donated. The family was counselled that only eyes and skin could be donated. Unfortunately since the patient was too underweight, skin donation was not possible. Mrs. Jaya coordinated with Sahiyara Eye Bank at Kalyan and the corneas were donated. We salute the family for their decision to give the Gift of Sight to two.

Report by – Mrs. Jaya Jairam

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