National Organ Donation Toll Free Help Line
1800 103 7100

(This initiative is supported by SBI Foundation)

National Organ Donation Toll-Free Help Line - 1800 103 7100 was initiated by MOHAN Foundation and has been functioning from 2012 onwards. The objective of this helpline is to provide service which offers information, support, guidance and referral for all those concerned with any aspect of organ donation and transplantation.

We have been able to provide this service to the public in eight languages. • English   • Hindi   • Telugu   • Tamil   • Kannada   • Malayalam   • Marathi   • Oriya

On an average we answer about 1000 calls a month. Share our National Organ Donation Toll Free Helpline 18001037100 with your family, friends, colleagues, employees such that it reaches to the needy patients and they can contact us for more information.

Nearly 50% calls received by the helpline are in Hindi and Marathi language. 25% callers speak in English. The helpline gets more than 70% of calls during office hours. A snapshot of the call distribution is given below.

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Annual total calls to the Helpline

Donations done through Helpline

Recent impactful event 1:

On October 10, 2020, Dr. Hemal (QA Officer, MOHAN Foundation) received a call from Mr. Ravish Jain expressing his desire to donate the corneas of his father, Mr. Ravi Jain on the MF National Organ Donation Toll free helpline number. Dr. Hemal then put this message on the helpline counsellors whatsapp group requesting MF Delhi team to take forward the case as the caller was from Gurugram.

Dr. Muneet then called up Mr Ravish Jain and took the details of the patient. Mr Ravi Jain, 59 years old, died at home. He was an old case of CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) and post PTCA (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty). In the hospital he was declared, brought in dead.

Dr. Muneet then explained the procedure of eye donation to the son. She also shared with him that because of COVID-19, according to the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, a negative COVID-19 antigen report was required. The son replied that he was sure that his father did not have COVID and was not sure whether after death a test would be feasible. The conversation ended with Dr. Muneet saying that she would get back to him after consulting with Gurugram's eye bank.

Mr Ganesh, Technician, Niramaya Eye Bank, Gurugram was contacted who said that the negative report was mandatory. In the meantime, the son contacted Dr. Muneet again and shared that the hospital was willing to do the test. The test was done in Pratiksha (a non-COVID) hospital and the result came out to be negative.

The corneas were retrieved successfully by Y.P.N. Niramaya Eye Bank, Gurugram.

MOHAN Foundation salutes the donor and especially his family who were motivated especially during present difficult COVID times to go ahead with the donation.

Report by – Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi

Recent impactful event 2:

On 10th October 2020, Dr. Jimmy Gupta received a call on the helpline from Mrs. Pratibha from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh seeking help for his husband Mr. Setu Tamrakar has been suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) since 2017.

She also narrated some of the tragic and unfortunate instances that led them to survive on the generosity of their relatives. Dr. Jimmy explained the line of treatment for his husband intimating her the urgent need of Blood Transfusion, AV fistula operation and initiation of Dialysis.

MOHAN Foundation staff found three dialysis centres and provided the information to Mrs. Pratibha. Considering the deteriorating health of the patient, Dr. Jimmy counselled her and told to immediately admit the patient in Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital Rewa M.P. for an urgent Blood Transfusion. Dr. Yogesh Shukla (Founder of NGO, Asha Cancer Center) who is Radiologist in the same hospital and Mr. Ahsan Ullah Ansari, Executive Member of Network and Alliance of Transplant Coordinators (NATCO) assisted the family to get the Ayushman card and helped the patient to get the fistula and dialysis in Rewa.

Mr. SetuTamrakar and his family is very thankful to MOHAN Foundation and showed their immense gratitude to the Foundation and the spirit of the members working on the ground level and lending a helping hand they can trust and rely on completely. MOHAN Foundation wishes him luck and are hopeful he gets on dialysis regularly and recovers well.

Report by – Dr. Jimmy Gupta

Recent impactful event 3:

On 23rd September 2020, around 5.20 pm call received from Mr Manoj Shera asking about the procedures related to Whole Body Donation as he was keen to donate his relative Mr Hiralal Shera body to the government medical college for study and research purposes. Mr. Shera was 80 years old and admitted in Leelavati Hospital Mumbai was a case of IC bleed admitted on 21st September 2020 morning and was declared brain dead. The relatives were informed about the same and they were willing to donate organs also but suddenly the patient had cardiac arrest on Wednesday afternoon and the patient was revived by resuscitation but his prognosis was very poor and the patient was sinking.

Dr. Jimmy Gupta spoke to Mr. Manoj Shera explaining the procedures related to Whole Body Donation and assured him that she will coordinate with all the medical colleges for the same. She also encouraged the relative for eye,skin and bone donation. But the relative emphasized on only Whole Body Donation at first.

Then Dr. Jimmy inquired KEM Hospital, LTMGH Sion Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi Medical College Kalwa, MGM hospital and few other medical colleges but was unsuccessful as no hospital accepted the body as the procedure of embalming is kept closed amid COVID pandemic which is necessary for Whole Body preservation.Dr Jimmy informed the family about the situation and regretted that their loved ones wish could not be fulfilled.

At around 9.30 pm Mr. Manoj Shera again called Dr Jimmy to inform her that the patient died and he wished to donate Eyes and Skin of the deceased. Dr. Jimmy coordinated with few Eye Banks but they deferred the case as the patient was more than 72 hours on ventilator which is an contraindication for cornea retrieval. Dr. Jimmy coordinated with a few Skin Banks but some were not functional amid COVID pandemic. But RCBN Skin Bank, National Burns Centre, Airoli is functional and accepts Skin Donations; so they were called for the retrieval. Thus Skin Donation was Successful and Skin was donated to RCBN Skin Bank,Airoli. We are very grateful towards the gesture of Mr Manoj Shera who had been keen on supporting the cause of Organ and Tissue Donation fulfilling their loved ones wish to benefit the society.

Report by – Dr. Jimmy Gupta

Recent impactful event 4:

On 22nd September 2020, around 9.30 pm call received a call on helpline from Mr. Harshan who was son of the expired patient who contacted to know about the procedure of Eye and Skin Donation. Dr. Jimmy Gupta contacted Mr. Harshan and explained the procedures related to Eye and Skin Donation. She enquired about the exact cause of death and COVID test report but Mr Harshan was unable to explain the cause of death.

So Dr. Jimmy called Swapna Health Center, Ghatkopar ICU and spoke to Dr Ganguly to know about the exact cause of death and COVID test report.The ICU Doctor informed that the mentioned 79 years old patient died at 9.15 pm had Cardiac Arrest in known case of LVEF and the COVID test report was negative. So Dr Jimmy intimated both Eye and Skin Bank and told them to keep their teams ready for Eye and Skin Retrieval. In the meantime Dr. Jimmy received a message from Mr Harshan that the family is now not keen Eye and Skin Donation as there is a difference of opinions amongst relatives regarding the donation and they want to proceed with the funeral of the deceased.

Dr. Jimmy again called Swapna Health Center, Ghatkopar ICU and spoke to another relative Mr Abhijeet (deceased person was his uncle) and explained the procedure and importance of Eye and Skin Donation. She explained that their gesture of donating Corneas and Skin can benefit many people. Mr. Abhijeet understood and assured he will surely discuss with his cousin and try to convince him for Eye and Skin Donation of his father.

After sometime Dr. Jimmy received a message from Mr. Harshan that the Son refused both Eye and Skin Donation of the deceased person and they want to proceed with the funeral of the deceased. Dr. Jimmy acknowledged the situation and informed both Eye and Skin Bank regarding the Refusal for Donation,thus Unsuccessful case. Mr Harshan and Mr. Abhijeet also expressed his gratitude to MOHAN Foundation for the efforts trying to coordinate Eye Donation & Skin Donation.

Report by – Dr. Jimmy Gupta

Recent impactful event 5:

On 29th July 2020 around 7.05 pm, Ms. Kavitha took a call for a possible eye donation in Punjab. The message was sent to our Chandigarh office to coordinate. Ms. Neha Sharma got the message to coordinate for eye donation of Mr. Jaswinder Singh who was at Patiala. He died at home due to old age.

Ms. Neha spoke to his son, Mr. Sunil Badhwa who gave details about the patient Mr. Jaswinder Singh. Ms. Neha coordinated with many eye banks in Patiala but all eye banks in Patiala refused the case due to COVID -19 Pandemic. Since the deceased was 85 years old so the donation did not take place.

Finally as due to COVID-19 pandemic & eye banks were not accepting Eye Donation. Ms. Neha informed the family about the situation and regretted that their loved ones wish could not be fulfilled. MOHAN Foundation thanks the family for their effort in reaching to us for the donation.

Report by – Ms. Neha Sharma

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