National Organ Donation Toll Free Help Line
1800 103 7100

(This initiative is supported by SBI Foundation)

National Organ Donation Toll-Free Help Line - 1800 103 7100 was initiated by MOHAN Foundation and has been functioning from 2012 onwards. The objective of this helpline is to provide service which offers information, support, guidance and referral for all those concerned with any aspect of organ donation and transplantation.

We have been able to provide this service to the public in eight languages. • English   • Hindi   • Telugu   • Tamil   • Kannada   • Malayalam   • Marathi   • Oriya

On an average we answer about 1000 calls a month. Share our National Organ Donation Toll Free Helpline 18001037100 with your family, friends, colleagues, employees such that it reaches to the needy patients and they can contact us for more information.

Nearly 50% calls received by the helpline are in Hindi and Marathi language. 25% callers speak in English. The helpline gets more than 70% of calls during office hours. A snapshot of the call distribution is given below.

Annual total calls to the Helpline

Donations done through Helpline

Recent impactful event 1:

On 14th October 2019, around midnight Dr. Hemal answered a helpline call from Bengaluru. Ms Vidhi Shah was inquiring about eye donation and said that her grandmother had left them and the family was in favour of cornea donation.

I counseled her about the precautions and sent her a message of the contact details eye banks in Bengaluru. On a followup call, she said that the cornea retrieval was done by the Narayan Hrudayalaya eye bank.

MOHAN Foundation thanks the family for their thought of donation to give sight to two people.

Report by – Dr. Hemal Kanvinde

Recent impactful event 2:

On 4th October 2019 at 5 .30am Dr. Hemal took a helpline call for a probable cornea donation in KIMS Hospital Hyderabad. She gave my contact details to the family member, Mr. Prakash.

Mr. Subramanya Shastry, 84 years old, had one son Suresh who works in IT department in TCS and one daughter who stays at Madina Nagar Hyderabad. Due to old age illnesses, he was admitted to KIMS hospital, Kondapur, Hyderabad. After 10 days of treatment Mr. Sastry succumbed to a cardiac arrest in the early hours of 4th Oct 2019. I spoke to the family, cleared their doubts and successfully coordinated and donation of corneas to Sarojini Eye Hospital.

MOHAN Foundation salutes the family of Mr Subramanya Shastry for their donation.

Report by – Mr. Bhanu Prakash

Recent impactful event 3:

On 21st September 2019, Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan received a call from Sankara Nethralaya Eye Bank, Chennai in the morning around 7:30 AM. The caller informed that the family of a deceased who had approached Sankara Nethralaya for eye donation was also keen on whole body donation.

The deceased was a 74 year old female who had passed away that morning at the Railway Hospital Perambur and the cause of death was Sepsis. The caller informed Ishwarya that since it was Sepsis the corneas would be used only for research purposes and wanted to know if body donations in such cases were acceptable.

Ishwarya and Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi (MIS Manager, MOHAN Foundation) attempted to get the correct information in this regard and managed to find that Stanley Medical College had no issues accepting body donations, where the cause of death was Sepsis. Mr. Senthil Kumar and Ms. Persis Flory - Transplant Coordinators, Government Stanley Hospital coordinated with the family for arrangements to be made for the handover.

Following the visit of a few relatives, who paid their final respects to the deceased, the body was handed over to the mortuary around noon. MOHAN Foundation is grateful to the family for their gesture and thankful to the staff of Stanley Medical and Sankara Nethralaya for their support in coordinating the donation.

Report by – Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan

Recent impactful event 4:

On September 28, 2019, Dr Hemal received a call in the morning from Delhi, for a probable cornea donation . She explained the precautions and gave them my contact details. I received a call from Mr Ashish Gupta at 0800 hours expressing a desire to donate the corneas of his uncle (fathers elder brother), Mahaveer Prasad Agarwal. Since he had called on my personal number, I learnt that he had acquired it from one of the Foundation's toll free helpline counsellor.

I then enquired from him as to what had motivated the family to take the decision of cornea donation. He told me that their family had been doing this for many years and that his paternal grand mother's corneas were donated 12-13 years back. Last year the family donated the corneas of his aunt. He further added that his family was very well sensitised to the important cause of eye donation.

I then contacted A. Edward Maumenee Eye Bank (a unit of Venu Charitable Society) located in Sheikh Sarai at New Delhi. The technician successfully retrieved the corneas at 0900 hours.

MOHAN Foundation salutes the donor and his family for this noble gesture

Report by – Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi

Recent impactful event 5:

On 7th September 2019, Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan, Helpline Executive received a call on the Helpline around 2:40 PM in the afternoon from Alandur, Chennai. The caller, Mr. Dinesh, informed that a relative (uncle’s mother) had passed away in the morning around 11 AM and the family would like to donate her eyes. The deceased, Mrs. Susheela, mother of Mr. Purushothaman, aged 71 years had been suffering from cancer. She had undergone a mastectomy a few years ago; unfortunately there was a recurrence and the cancer had spread to the stomach leading to her demise.

Ishwarya informed the caller that she was unsure if corneas could be retrieved because of the cancer and had to check with an eye bank. Pammal Sankara Eye Bank was called first and they informed that they do not retrieve corneas of a cancer patient.

Ishwarya then called Sankara Nethralaya, who informed her that corneas of cancer patients could be retrieved if the patient has not undergone chemotherapy/radiotherapy in the last two months before demise. Sankara Nethralaya was given the contact details of Mr. Dinesh to coordinate the donation. Ishwarya got to know from Mr. Dinesh that technicians from Sankara Nethralaya were on their way for the retrieval. During follow-up, it came to light that the cornea retrieval was successfully done by Sankara Nethralaya.

MOHAN Foundation is grateful to Mr. Purushothaman, Mr. Dinesh and the other family members for their noble gesture.

Report by – Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan

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