National Organ Donation Toll Free Help Line
1800 103 7100

(This initiative is supported by SBI Foundation)

National Organ Donation Toll-Free Help Line - 1800 103 7100 was initiated by MOHAN Foundation and has been functioning from 2012 onwards. The objective of this helpline is to provide service which offers information, support, guidance and referral for all those concerned with any aspect of organ donation and transplantation.

We have been able to provide this service to the public in eight languages. • English   • Hindi   • Telugu   • Tamil   • Kannada   • Malayalam   • Marathi   • Oriya

On an average we answer about 1000 calls a month. Share our National Organ Donation Toll Free Helpline 18001037100 with your family, friends, colleagues, employees such that it reaches to the needy patients and they can contact us for more information.

Nearly 50% calls received by the helpline are in Hindi and Marathi language. 25% callers speak in English. The helpline gets more than 70% of calls during office hours. A snapshot of the call distribution is given below.

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Annual total calls to the Helpline

Donations done through Helpline

Recent impactful event 1:

On 1st January 2020, early morning, Dr. Hemal received a helpline call from Dr. Sangram Mohapatra from Jajpur District of Odisha about a possible voluntary body donation. Dr. Sangram was trying for cornea and body donation of his uncle who has passed away at night. She took the details of the caller and the case and sent a message to Mr. Subroto Sahoo, Transplant Coordinator of Apollo Hospital Bhubaneshwar.

Mr. Sahoo, then contacted the anatomy department of Srirama Chandra Bhanja (SCB) Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack and an ambulance was sent for voluntary body donation.

The donor, Mr. Aniruddha Samantaray was a noted poet and editor of Trutiyapada an Odiya monthly magazine, a conservationist, who has afforested barren hills in his village of Chandikhol. He was well known for his social welfare activities and had discussed organ and body donation with his family. His wife, son Mr. Saswat and nephew Dr. Sangram were able to fulfil his wish.

MOHAN Foundation thanks Mr. Subrota Sahoo Transplant Coordinator at Apollo Hospital Bhubaneshwar for the coordination and the family of Mr. Samantaray for their decision for body donation.

His story has been recorded :

Report by – Dr. Hemal Kanvinde & Subroto Sahoo

Recent impactful event 2:

On 14 December 2019, Dr. Hemal received a call about a probable donation from Secunderabad.

She sent a message to Mr. Bhanu Prakash in Hyderabad. He called Mrs Madhuri the daughter of the donor. She said that her father. Shri J Ramakoteshwar Rao was a Retd. LIC officer from Hyderabad and had spoken about eye donation to them. He had passed away at the age of 74 and the family wanted to fulfil his wish. Mr. Bhanu Prakash counselled the family about the precautions and coordinated the donation through Vasan Eye Bank.

MOHAN Foundation is grateful to Mrs. Madhuri for taking care of his wishes and giving sight to two people.

Report by – Dr. Bhanu Prakash

Recent impactful event 3:

On 23rd November 2019, Mr. Bulu Behera received a call from Mr. Arun Jain during the early hours expressing a desire to donate the corneas to his mother Mrs. Kesar Devi Jain, 66 year old.The death had occurred at 4.30 am due to natural causes. Mr. Behera then coordinated with the AIIMS Eye Bank, New Delhi as the donor family was from Uttam Nagar in New Delhi. Eye Bank staff contacted Mr. Arun Jain and collected corneas.

The deceased, Mrs. Kesar Devi Jain had pledged for eye donation and had filled up the form very recently. The family honored her wishes by ensuring corneal donation.

MOHAN Foundation thanks the family for their noble gesture.

Report by – Mr. Bulu Behera

Recent impactful event 4:

On 19th November 2019 around 4 AM morning, Mr. Bulu Behera answered a helpline call from Belgaum, Karnataka. Mr. Deepak Jodatti inquired about eye donation and informed that his grandmother had passed away and the family was in favor of cornea donation.

Mr. Behera counseled him about the precautions to be taken before donation and over a messagesent the caller the contact details of the MRC eye bank in KLE Hospital in Belgaum.

On a follow up call, the caller informed that the cornea retrieval was done by the eye bank.

MOHAN Foundation thanks the family for their gesture.

Report by – Mr. Bulu Behera

Recent impactful event 5:

A call was received on the MOHAN Foundation helpline on the 31st October 2019 during the early hours. The caller, Ms. Vanitha informed the counselor Mr. Bulu Behera that her maternal uncle had passed away in Pammal, Chennai and the family wishes to donate his body. Mr. Behera gave basic information about whole body donation and then the call was referred to Ms. Ishwarya, a counselor based in Chennai. When Ishwarya contacted the family, she was informed Sri Ramachandra Medical College in Chennai had already been intimated and they were waiting for the anatomy department to resume opertions.

Upon follow-up it came to be known that SRMC sent their ambulance and helped in transferring the body of Mr. Sankar V to the college. MOHAN Foundation is thankful to the family for their gesture.

Report by – Mr. Bulu Behera

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