Become an Angel of Change - Organ Donation Ambassador

World over, much good is attributed to the power of volunteering - for those who volunteer, those who are helped by volunteers and the community generally that benefits from the contribution of volunteers.

MOHAN Foundation has launched a unique program for all you interested volunteers to become Organ Donation Ambassadors (ODA). Each one of you will be taken through a customized training module. The objective is to enable you to become proficient enough to be able to undertake awareness initiatives on organ donation amongst different audiences.

On one hand, lack of awareness and the stigma surrounding the subject is one of the main reasons for India's low organ donation rates. On the other hand, volunteers such as you, and your desire for social action can be a great catalyst for change. Your pro-activeness and willingness to try out new ideas make you an ideal person to join hands with us to support organ donation.

A duly sensitized and trained ambassador can bring a significant change in the perception of people towards organ donation. As an ambassador, you will be trained to communicate about organ donation and encourage the public to pledge. You will make real difference to the lives of critically ill persons suffering from organ failure, and their families. We welcome all to be a part of this “Organ Donation Ambassadors” volunteer training initiative.

About the training
This is an online training. The volunteers would have to undergo training and commit to activities supporting organ donation, through the following 3 modules -

MODULE 1: 4-hour, learn-at-your-pace Online Certificate Course on Organ Donation - "Gift of Life"

This online course is for the benefit of those seeking to gain knowledge about organ donation and transplantation. Through this course, one can learn and understand basic concepts, legal and ethical aspects, religion and organ donation, process and importance of organ donation. We are charging course fees of Rs.500/- for the same. The volunteers will receive an online certificate on completion.

MODULE 2: 2-hour activity-based, interactive sessions on Zoom

You will be introduced to activities that will help enable deeper empathy and appreciation of the cause. This module will also include interactions with the experts in the field, organ recipients and donor family members.

MODULE 3: Activities to raise awareness and funds

You are now ready for action. You can independently, or in small groups, take up awareness initiatives such as public education webinars, surveys and social media campaigns. Upon completion of one such activity, you will receive the "Organ Donation Ambassador" certificate.

Additionally, you will also get a chance to be featured in our e-newsletter. Those of you who undertake unique initiatives will be invited in our special webinars.

For query write in to - [email protected]

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Organ Donation Podcasts

Organ Donation Ambassador Debobrata Bannerjee interviewed different people to create podcasts on Organ Donation. Click on the below titles for Organ Donation Podcasts.

1. Youth representative Ms. Bhavna Akilan

2. NGO representative Ms. Pallavi Kumar

Organ Donation Ambassador Activities

  • Ambassador from Kerala conducts an Online Competition for Organ Donation

    Wednesday, January 12, 2022

    In commemoration of National Organ Donation Day – November 26, 2021, Ms. Sreelakshmi a young Organ Donation Ambassador from Kerala, also the fo....

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    • Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness at a Women’s Convention in Madhya Pradesh

      Wednesday, January 12, 2022

      On 5th January 2022, the M.P. National Convention of Akhil Bharatiya Marawari Mahila Sammelan (ABMMS) was held in Mahu, Madhya Pradesh. Mrs Sharda La....

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      • Ambassador Partners with NGOs to organise an event for School Teachers

        Wednesday, January 12, 2022

        On 21 st December 2021, a "Gift a Life" event was organized by Scholars Mission for Life,  in association with Rotary Club Vasudha and Happy Ho....

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        • Day 2 of Organ Donation Ambassador Training for Members of Akhil Bharatiya Marwari Mahila Sammelan

          Wednesday, December 22, 2021

          The Day 2 of the Angels of Change/Ambassador Training was held virtually for the members of Akhil Bharatiya Marwari Mahila Sammellan (ABMMS....

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          Ms. Manasi Joshi, International Institute of Information Technology, Pune

          I am Manasi Joshi from Pune. The Gift of Life course was really informative. I never had interest in the medical field and I did not have any prior knowledge about organ donation and its process. The Gift of Life course added much knowledge to me. All theories, ppts, animated videos explaining brain death were very easy to understand. The interactive session with experts and different stakeholder in organ donation and transplantation cleared all my doubts. Read More

          Ms. Vijayashri Kumarvel, MMM College of Health Sciences

          The Gift of Life course was full of videos and presentations. It was very useful to know about MOHAN Foundation and the process of organ donation and save lives, it came through basic concepts, brain stem death, legal aspect and promoting health and preventing organ failure. I watched and learned through videos with full of good information. It shall help me to do my practical situations in organ donation awareness. The presentation were a bit boring for me. Read More

          Ms. Keerthika D, MMM College of Health Sciences

          I would like to thank MOHAN Foundation for Module 1 “Gift of Life” course. The videos and presentations were very informative and I gained more theoretical knowledge. It was interesting the ways the tests were designed based on the videos and articles. Donor and recipient stories were very impressive and motivating, which helps us to pledge for organ donation and learned in-depth on organ donation. It was a good learning experience. Read More

          Ms. Aswathy A C, MMM College of Health Sciences

          In module 1, I liked the explanation videos on organ donation, law of organ donation and stories of hope. The assessment questions which were asked after each and every topic improved my understanding of the subject. In module 2, Mrs. Jaya Jairam’s kidney transplant story was inspirational. Writing a Thank You letter and Ask the Experts session was a good way of making me understand different aspects of donation. Dr. Hemal’s enumeration of different campaigns on organ donation was an eye opener. I am very much interested in counseling and public awareness.

          Ms. Glory Saleesha V, MMM College of Health Sciences

          The videos and presentation in Module 1 were very useful and I learned many new concepts like the process of organ donation, more about brain death etc,. I rewatched the videos and took notes which were all very informative. The Module 2 was very interactive. I was a little nervous at the beginning with a self introduction but later enjoyed and amazed on how experts answered our each and every question patiently. In the Gratitude Communication workshop, we were asked to write a gratitude letter for the donor family. Read More

          Mr. Aditya Kumar

          The Gift of life' Online eLearning course was brilliant and well curated. The Module 2 - Interactive sessions were nicely done in times of COVID19 pandemic. Good to see volunteers taking many steps to spread awareness. An interactive way of learning with a good delivery of design and technology in the course material would be really helpful.

          Ms. Preeti

          'Gift of life' Online eLearning course, was really helpful as it cleared all my doubts regarding Organ donation from scratch. In the Interactive session, we met a lot of new people, some of them were organ donors too, listening to them was so encouraging yet blissful. Their experience taught me a lot of things. Organ donation is a less explored topic for the general public we all need to find out ways in which we can spread out the message of "Organ Donation and Saving lives".

          Ms. Atluri Sri Vidya

          The 'Gift of Life' Online eLearning course was really good and interesting. It has given me a completely new approach towards organ donation and the way tasks were conducted made me more eager to complete it and helped to understand the need of organ donation. The Interactive Session helped me to learn more about the practicality and how the organ donation is reality. It was really very informative and I have understood the blessing and the pain of during the organ donation. The specialists have done a great job in the session. I got to learn many new things that I'm completely unaware before the session. My Awareness Initiative has given me a chance to present myself before my friends and loved ones. The audience really liked and appreciated the cause. I'm really glad that I conducted the awareness program and cleared their doubts.

          Mr. Subash Sarangi

          My association with MOHAN (Multi-Organ Harvesting Aid Network) Foundation, Chennai is really an awesome experience. I could make my life more productive and meaningful by pledging for Organ Donation through MOHAN Foundation. "Gift of Life" One-day online certificate course on Organ Donation launched by the Foundation is a unique course that gives the basic idea of Organ Donation and Transplantation, Legal & Ethical aspects of Organ Donation and transplantation, Religion and Organ Donation, Deceased Organ Donation – its process and significance, while even sitting at the comfort of my house just on mouse clicks. Read More

          Dr. Syeda Sana Ali

          The 'Gift of life' Online eLearning course gave me a better understanding about the ethical complexities in organ donation. Also, the concept of brain death was very well explained. Module 2 was primarity an interactive session and the open discussions that were held during the session helped me explore different avenues to raise awareness about organ donation.

          Mr. Umar Nath. P

          The 'Gift of life' Online eLearning course was easy and simple to follow. I learnt about Organ Donation, Brain death certification and transplantation law. And also I learnt about the process of Organ Donation. The second module was very useful and interactive about Organ Donation. Many doubts were cleared. Mrs. Jaya Jairam's recipient story made a deep impact on me. My awareness initiative gave me confidence on how to give awareness about Organ Donation to the public.

          Mr. Naveen Antony

          Through the Gift of Life online course I understood the concept of organ donation, organ donation processes, skin donation and whole body donation. The interactive session was useful in understanding the complexity and ethical challenges in Organ Donation and Transplantation. I heard about a liver donation story of father to daughter narrated by Mr. SivaRamaKrishna Pakala, this really moved me. My awareness initiative gave me confidence to speak to the public though I needed to practice it many times before going ahead.


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