Become an Angel of Change - Organ Donation Ambassador

World over, much good is attributed to the power of volunteering - for those who volunteer, those who are helped by volunteers and the community generally that benefits from the contribution of volunteers.

MOHAN Foundation has launched a unique program for all you interested volunteers to become Organ Donation Ambassadors (ODA). Each one of you will be taken through a customized training module. The objective is to enable you to become proficient enough to be able to undertake awareness initiatives on organ donation amongst different audiences.

On one hand, lack of awareness and the stigma surrounding the subject is one of the main reasons for India's low organ donation rates. On the other hand, volunteers such as you, and your desire for social action can be a great catalyst for change. Your proactiveness and willingness to try out new ideas make you an ideal person to join hands with us to support organ donation.

A duly sensitized and trained ambassador can bring a significant change in the perception of people towards organ donation. As an ambassador, you will be trained to communicate about organ donation and encourage the public to pledge. You will make real difference to the lives of critically ill persons suffering from organ failure, and their families. We welcome all to be a part of this “Organ Donation Ambassadors” volunteer training initiative.

About the training
This is an online training. The volunteers would have to undergo training and commit to activities supporting organ donation, through the following 3 modules -

MODULE 1: Online 4-Hour, Learn-at-your-pace Certificate Course on Organ Donation - "Gift of Life"

This online course is for the benefit of those seeking to gain knowledge about organ donation and transplantation. Through this course, one can learn and understand basic concepts, legal and ethical aspects, religion and organ donation, process and Importance of organ donation.

For more details and registration, visit We are charging course fees of Rs.500/- for the same. The volunteers will receive an online certificate on completion.

MODULE 2: 2-hour activity based interactive sessions on Zoom

You will be introduced to activities that will help enable deeper empathy and appreciation of the cause. This module will also include interactions with the experts in the field, organ recipients and donor family members.

MODULE 3: Activities to raise awareness and funds

You are now ready for action. You can independently or in small groups take up awareness initiatives – such as public education webinars, surveys and social media campaigns. Upon completion of one such activity, you will receive the "Organ Donation Ambassador" certificate.

Additionally, you will also get a chance to be featured in our e-newsletter. Those of you who undertake unique initiatives will be invited in our special webinars.

For query write in to - [email protected]

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