Mobile Applications

Donor Optimisation Mobile App

This App was developed for MOHAN Foundation and National Health Service (Blood and Transplant) of UK to provide a handy, quick reference guide for donor optimisation following confirmation of brain-stem death. Donor optimisation builds on the stabilisation of the patient prior to brain-stem death testing and is essential to ensure the number and quality of organs retrieved are maximized...Read More

E-Donor Card

E-Donor Card - Pledge your Organs
The donor card is an expression of your desire to donate your organs and tissues after death. Always inform your relatives about your wishes. The current application can be downloaded on to your mobile and the heart icon will be displayed on your mobile screen....Read More

Organ Donation App

This Organ Donation App provides quick and accurate information on the following:
• Eye Banks
• Skin Banks
• Organ Transplant Hospitals
• Institutions accepting Body Donation
• NGOs in the field of Organ Donation
• Law On Transplantation

With easy searchability features offered, the app is instrumental in making donations possible and helps in saving multiple lives.
The app also provides links to register as an Organ Donor.....Read More

Brain Death Certification App

The Brain Death Certification App provides step by step guidance with demonstration videos for testing for Brain Stem Death and the certification process in India. Available as a free to download, handy app for both Android and iOS devices.....Read More


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