Railway Concession

Concession in Train Fares admissible to Kidney Patients

  1. The Ministry of Railways has decided TO GRANT CONCESSION IN BASIC MAIL/EXPRESS FARES TO KIDNEY PATIENTS, WHEN TRAVELLING ALONE OR WITH AN ESCORT, FOR 1) DIALYSIS 2) KIDNEY TRANSPLANT OPERATION TO RECOGNIZED HOSPITALS. THE ELEMENT OF CONCESSION WILL BE 75 % IN FIRST, AC 3-TIER, AC CHAIR CAR SLEEPER & SECOND CLASS AND 50% IN AC FIRST & AC-2 TIER SLEEPER.The same concession will be admissible for return also after Dialysis and Kidney Transplant operation. One escort with every Patient will also be eligible for same element of concession

  2. In the case of children under 5 years of age (who are eligible for free travel), the attendant accompanying the child shall also be eligible for the above concession. Concession will be granted without any minimum distance limit, directly by the Station Master on production of the prescribed certificate from the officer -in-charge of the recognised Hospital where the patient is being treated. Concession will not be admissible in Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Jan Shatabi group of trains. The concession will be admissible subject to other conditions mentioned in rule 101 of IRCA Coaching Tariff No.25 Part I (Vol, II). Specimen copies of the concession certificates for outward and return journeys are enclosed. Zonal Railways will arrange to send copies of the certificates to recognised hospitals situated in their zones and also advise them about this concession. This concession will be introduced for tickets issued from 1.4.2003. This is with the concurrence of Finance & Health Directorate of Ministry of Railways. Wide publicity through various media may be given. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned including PRSs immediately and implementation ensured.

  3. The copies of the concession certificates for outward and return journeys
    (Concession Form Print)

  4. This concession has been introduced for tickets issued from 1.4.2003.


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