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Survey on Awareness & Attitude about Organ Donation

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Kindly take part in this survey on organ donation. If you believe in the cause, we request you to forward the survey or its website address to your friends. This is not only a survey but also our way of educating the public about this sensitive issue that haunts us regularly; more so when a scandal erupts in the country.

The answers of the questionnaire are designed to accept your response - just click in the response box. Submit the completed survey only once. If you encounter any problems please contact us - [email protected].

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* 1. Are you aware that organs can be donated to save a life of another person?
* 2. When can organs be donated?
* 3. Which organs can be donated?
* 4. Do you have a relative whose organs have been donated?
* 5. Can we sell our organs (like kidney)?
* 6. Have you heard of brain death?
* 7. As the next of kin, would you be willing to donate the organ(s) of a brain dead relative?
* 8. Are you aware that a parliamentary law in India recognizes brain death as a form of death, so that organs like kidneys, heart, liver and lungs can be donated to needy patients?
* 9. Do you know what is an organ donor card?
* 10. Are you willing to carry an organ donor card and express your desire about organ donation after your death?

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The information provided by you is confidential and will not be disclosed except as part of a general research survey to improve organ donation rate in India


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