Anudaan – Making Transplants Affordable

Organ donations are increasingly saving lives and organs are being transplanted across gender, caste and religious identities in many states of India. These acts of solidarity and generosity are something to celebrate. However, there is a spoiler in this inspiring tale.

Organ transplants in India are prohibitively expensive

A huge number of organ failure patients are not benefiting from this life-saving procedure advancement in medicine. They are ill-equipped to bear the financial burden of the transplant and subsequent follow-ups and therefore cannot avail this option.

There are very few public hospitals performing transplants. More than 95% of organ transplants, especially of organs like the liver and heart are currently performed only in the private sector where costs range from Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs. Even the relatively less complex kidney transplants cost between Rs. 8 to 10 lakhs.

Like in many other spheres, the poor by the accident of their birth stand little chance of receiving life-saving transplants.

More State Governments need to pave the way for making transplants affordable and help patients with post-transplant medication support. Until then, NGOs and such entities need to come forward to bridge the gap.

MOHAN Foundation has been working relentlessly to increase the deceased organ donation rate in various states, across India. It gives us great pleasure to now announce our endeavour, Anudaan – Making Transplants Affordable for providing help to the economically poor and needy patients, so that they also can have access to life-saving organ donation and transplantation.

This endeavour has been made possible by the generosity of philanthropic individuals, corporates and other entities. We encourage contributions to the corpus so that more patients can be supported under this initiative.


  • To honour the memory of a loved one
  • To commemorate a special day
  • To show your gratitude
  • To simply celebrate life

  1. Individual Grants
    Mr. T.N.Venkatesan, a philanthropist, has been supporting various causes in education and health. When his own daughter, underwent a kidney transplant in the year 2010, he realized the need for supporting the underprivileged so that they may have access to such life-saving treatment.

  2. Our Partnering Trusts & Foundations

  3. Corporate Partners

  4. Our Crowdfunding Partner
    Milaap -

Who is Eligible?
  • Economically underprivileged patients as determined by the grant criteria
  • Kidney / Liver / Heart / Lungs / Pancreas / Small bowel transplant candidates may apply

Application Form and Supporting Requirements
The Application Form for Financial Aid can be downloaded by clicking below.

Application Form

  • This form is required to be submitted to us by the hospital authorities where the transplant is planned.
  • Applications must be made at least 15 days prior to the transplant date.
  • The final decision on the applications (based on eligibility criteria), will depend on the discretion of the internal committee set up for this purpose.

Patients we have helped
Baby Aaradhya Akunuri, Liver Transplant, January 16, 2021

On January,21, 2021, MOHAN Foundation’s “Anudaan- Making Transplants Affordable” team received an email from Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Hyderabad requesting financial aid for Baby Aaradhya, who was admitted to the hospital on January 11, 2021 with the diagnosis of fulminant liver failure due to Wilsons Disease. The family was given the option of liver transplant and Aaradhya’s mother volunteered to donate a part of her liver.

Anudaan Team contacted Mr. Winner Akunuri, the father of Aaradhya. He was in despair and shared that as if the agony of knowing that his 6 year old daughter had to undergo a liver transplant and that his wife was to donate a portion of her liver, they had the added distress of raising an exorbitant amount 18 lakhs for the transplant. After selling a piece of an ancestral land, asking friends & relatives and dipping into his savings, he had managed to raise 10 lakhs. This desperate father also set up an online fundraiser on MILAAP and raised another 2 Lakh. The Anudaan team could hear the fear and desperation in the father’s voice, but at the same time, there was a firm determination to save his daughter. Read More

Ms. Susmitha, Kidney Transplant, April 1, 2021

On February 10, 2021, MOHAN Foundation’s “Anudaan - Making Transplants Affordable” team received a mail from one Ms Shirisha Guntaka from Houston, USA requesting help for a young 27 year old woman, J. Susmitha, requiring a kidney transplant. She had come to know about Susmitha as they both hail from Telangana. Moved by the plight of this young girl, Shirisha set up an online fundraiser. “I got their case as a request for donation. Looking at their condition & after studying their financial issues, I started a fundraiser for them, but was unable to raise the money needed for surgery. I anyway told them to go ahead with the surgery and promised them that I will personally pay if I am unable to get donations.” This Good Samaritan had raised 40% of the surgery cost on the online fundraising campaign on ‘gofundme” but had hit a roadblock thereafter. That’s when she reached out to MOHAN Foundation.

Anudaan Team looked closely at the request and after receiving the required information and the requisite documents, decided to support Susmitha with her transplant. MOHAN Foundation contributed 2 lakhs and also worked closely with the hospital to bring the transplant cost down and Susmitha successfully underwent a kidney transplant on April 1, 2021. Read More

Ms. Sujatha Chowgule, Liver Transplant on April 19, 2021

On March,2, 2021, Anudaan - Making Transplants Affordable” team received an email from Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore requesting financial aid for 21 year old Sujatha Chowgule, hailing from Selcete, South Goa diagnosed with decompensat liver diease (Autoimmune hepatitis). Sujatha belongs to a poor family and was in need of an urgent liver transplant and hence the hospital took the decision to find financial support for the transplant.

The total cost of Liver Transplant was Rs. 15 Lakhs, out of which, the family could only manage to contribute Rs. 2 Lakhs. So, raising the rest amount for the transplant became a major challenge for the Hospital. To begin with, Aster CMI Hospital started a crowd funding on KETTO for Sujatha’s transplant. At this time, they approached MOHAN Foundation’s Anudaan team to help them in raising additional funds.

Anudaan team contacted Mr. Somnath N. Chowgule, Sujatha’s father who shared that they could not afford the transplant as as he was a poor man and worked as a civil contractor in his village. Due to COVID-19, he was not getting much work. He could hardly feed his family of 6 members with his meager income. He had somehow kept aside one Lakh from his savings borrowed one Lakh from his family members. The family had no means of raising the balance Rs. 13 lakhs that they had been quoted for the transplant. The disheartened father requested Anudaan team to support and save his daughter. Read More

Ms. Kaminiben Parmar, Liver Transplant on June 22, 2021

On June 7, 2021, MOHAN Foundation’s “Anudaan- Making Transplants Affordable” team received an email from Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru requesting financial aid for Kaminiben Parmar’s Liver Transplant.

Anudaan team also received an email from Mrs. Sherryna Contractor from Ahmedabad, Gujarat requesting help for Kaminiben as she is the daughter of one of her employees, associated with her for a long time. The generous family of Mrs. Sherryna had been supporting Kaminiben’s family in the time of need.

Kaminiben’s father, Mr. Shankarbhai Parmar informed Mrs. Sherryna about the failing health condition of her daughter and how there was no improvement in her health despite treatment from many hospitals. He told her, “What life is this for our girl?’ She vomits blood and is extremely weak. She is losing her best years to a failing liver and we are unable to save her life due to our financial status. The pain and fear filler in her eyes are a constant reminder of how we are failing as parents.” Disheartened and confused Kaminiben’s family was losing all hope. Read More

Ms. Sandya Debbati, Kidney Transplant on June 30, 2021

On June 28, 2021, Anudaan- “Making Transplants Affordable” team received an email from Star Hospitals, Hyderabad requesting financial aid for 21 year old Sandya Debbati, hailing from Nizamabad, Telangana. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, stage 5 and was on maintenance hemodialysis and required an immediate kidney transplant. Sandya belongs to a poor family. Her family could not afford to pay the huge cost of kidney transplant so the hospital decided to seek financial support for the transplant.

The total cost of kidney transplant was Rs. 5.3 Lakhs, out of which, the family could initially manage to contribute Rs. 3.5 Lakhs which they borrowed from their relatives and friends. As the family was determined to save Sandya’s life, they managed to collect Rs. 80,000 more from their friends. Still, raising the balance amount for the transplant became a major challenge for the Hospital. They approached MOHAN Foundation’s Anudaan team to help them in contributing additional funds. Read More

Mr. Rohit Singh Rajawat, Kidney Transplant

On July 13, 2021, MOHAN Foundation’s Anudaan team received an email from Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai requesting financial aid for Rohit Singh Rajawat’s kidney transplant. He was suffering with chronic kidney disease. Rohit belongs to a poor family and could not have afforded the urgent kidney transplant that he was in need of, so the hospital took the decision to raise financial support for the transplant.

Anudaan Team contacted the hospital and Rohit’s family. After thorough discussion with the transplant coordinator at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre and Rohit’s family members, Anudaan team decided to support the transplant. As part of the core principles of Anudaan, the team believes in collaborative efforts by the treating hospital, applicant’s family, other NGOs to support underprivileged people. Hence, Anudaan team encouraged the hospital team to offer a discounted price for Rohit’s kidney transplant. MOHAN Foundation contributed Rs. 1 lakh. The family had also raised some money through crowd funding (Impact guru). Rohit successfully underwent kidney transplant on July 30, 2021. Read More



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