Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Sanjeev M  Gurnanaye - 46 Years

    Mr. Sanjeev M Gurnanaye was a 46 years old who hailed from Sindhu Nagar, Nagpur. By nature, he was a quiet and shy person who kept to himself. He was very close to his mother.

    A few months back his mother Ms. Nirmala, was visiting her daughter who lived in the US and as she had delivered a baby. One fine day while speaking to his mother, Mr. Sanjeev expressed that he missed her and longed for her to return.

    Ms. Nirmala returned to India to spend some quality time with her son. On 15th February 2022 at 4.00 am Mr. Sanjeev woke up, and was onto his routine activities when all of a sudden, he crashed down. When he fell, the corner of the bed hit him, and he injured his eye. His mother rushed to the room when she heard the loud crash and she was shocked to see him on the floor, in a non-responsive state.

    She immediately called the doctor to her house and he diagnosed that Mr. Sanjeev had suffered a massive cardiac arrest. Her son had passed away so suddenly and shockingly.

    The doctor then contacted Ms. Prarthana Dwivedi, MOHAN Foundation's Transplant Coordinator and asked her to counsel the patient's family for tissue donation. Ms. Prarthana approached the family and gathered all the information about the patient. She came to know that the corneas were not in a good condition, so corneal donation was not possible. She counseled the grieving family and convinced them for whole body donation.

    Ms. Prarthana coordinated with the Anatomy department of GMC Hospital, Nagpur and at around 4: 20 pm the body was handed over to the hospital.

    Ms. Prarthana thanked the family and handed over the appreciation certificate to the family. MOHAN Foundation salutes the Gurnanaye family for their noble act.


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