Public Advocacy for Organ Donation

“Donate Organs and Save Lives”

MOHAN Foundation’s core activity is to provide support, knowledge and encouragement to those touched by organ and tissue transplantation and to educate the public about the need and importance of organ and tissue donation. Our relentless efforts through public awareness campaigns have resulted in creating a “feel good” factor among the public on deceased organ donation.

Take up Organ Donation Advocacy

Join us and support organ donation. There are multiple ways we can engage you in our work depending on your expertise and availability.

If you wish to educate your community about the benefits of organ and tissue donation there are many ways to get started. Check out some of the ideas and resources below:

  1. Become a Life Member to advocate for organ donation and get our kit along with regular updates through our newsletters.
  2. Become a Registered Member through our website and access useful validated information on the subject.
  3. Join the organ donation movement to spread awareness and make an impact. We are looking for people like you to be Angels of Change/Organ Donation Ambassadors...Read More
  4. Pledged Member through our website and carry an organ donor card and share this with others to encourage them to join too. There is now a family pledge card too available on the site.
  5. Volunteer for the Foundation – give us your time to spread the message– could be for a few hours every week.
  6. Internee – work with our team and learn about this noble cause. Contribute actively to help improve organ donation rates in the country
  7. Join us on Social Media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  8. Showcase our Donor Card App (iOS & Android versions available) on your smartphone.

We always encourage new groups in new regions to take up advocacy.

If you are a member of a donor family or a transplant recipient or a member from an NGO or an employee in an organization that wishes to propagate the message of organ donation and create awareness, please contact us on 1800-103-7100 or Email - [email protected]

Recent Organ Donation Ambassadors


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