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Organ donation Sensitization in rural areas

MOHAN Foundation has undertaken a unique initiative of sensitizing the rural public about organ donation, through broadcasting short dramas, jingles and interviews in regional languages, on Community radios. It aims to spread the message of organ donation amongst the rural population, across different parts of India and motivate them to support the cause. Community radio stations works to spread social messages in a local area, in the local dialect.

The broadcast content aims at making public aware about the concept of organ donation and the myths and barriers surrounding it. The broadcast includes information from experts, stories of inspiration of donor families and patient survivors.

MOHAN Foundation's Helpline number is also announced in each segment, so as to help the public connect with the Foundation for any information on organ donation and transplantation.

Listed below are our initiatives in different parts of the country


February 2022
  • On Feb 19, 2022 radio programme Gram Bharati on station AIR Jaipur 101.2 FM, broadcasted organ donation awareness in Rajasthani language with Mr. Samiir Halady, a kidney recipient as the invited speaker.

  • On 12th Feb 2022, community radio programme was broadcasted in AIR Jaipur 101.2 FM on Program Gram Bharti, in Rajasthani language with Ms. Renu Uba as the invited speaker.

  • On 5th Feb 2022, radio program Gram Bharti on AIR Jaipur 101.2 FM broadcasted organ donation awareness in Rajasthani language and the speaker was Liver recipient - Mr.Naval Kishore Agarwal.

January 2022
  • On Jan 29, 2022, another radio programme was broadcasted in AIR Jaipur 101.2 FM, on Program Gram Bharti with speakers Dr. Anita Hada and her son Ashish (Dr Hada donated a kidney to her son).

  • On Jan 1, 2022, a radio programme was broadcasted in AIR Jaipur 101.2 FM on Program Gram Bharti, in Rajasthani language with Mr. Govind Gurbani, a member of MFJCF as the speaker

December 2021
  • On Dec 18, 2021 - AIR Jaipur 101.2 FM broadcasted awareness talk on organ donation, on Program Gram Bharti, with Mr. Deepak Tatia as the key resource person.

November 2021
  • Celebrating National Organ donation day, on Nov 27, 2021, a senior member of MFJCF, Mr Rajiv Arora, was invited to a talk show on Program Gram Bharti, that was broadcast on FM 101.2

  • On Nov 6, 2021, an awareness talk in Program Gram Bharti, on organ donation in Rajasthani language was broadcasted on 101.2 FM wherein Mr. Ravi Kamra, a member of MFJCF was the key speaker.

August 2021
  • Celebrating 'Eye Donation' fortnight, on August 29, 2021, MFJCF organized a radio show that was broadcasted on 101.2 All India Radio. Dr Neeraj Shah (Cornea transplant specialist) from Sankara Eye Hospital, Jaipur was the key speaker of the program. Some of the frequently asked questions on eye donation and the myths regarding eye donation were discussed. The radio play also informed the listeners about MOHAN Foundation's toll-free helpline number.Read More

July 2021
  • On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, on July 28, 2021, a talk show on Liver Donation was conducted by MFJCF on FM channel 101.2 of AIR (All India Radio), that has a coverage of nearly 70% of Rajasthan. A small drama in local Rajasthani language was aired followed by an interview session with Gastroenterologist, Dr. Harsh Udawat.Read More

June 2021
  • Sensitization of the rural and urban population of Rajasthan on organ donation was organized by MFJCF on June 27, 2021, on 101.2 AIR (All India Radio), that has a coverage of nearly 70% of Rajasthan. Read More

Tamil Nadu

Sep 15th - Oct 16, 2021
  • MOHAN Foundation tied up with Arasu FM 90.4 MHz Kumbakonam to broadcast the message of organ donation through a play in Tamil (duration 5 minutes & 43 seconds) that was aired twice in a day from September 17 till October 16, 2021.

Nov 2022 - Jan 31 2022
  • All India Radio Chennai FM Rainbow broadcasted a special programme for its listeners on organ donation awareness. The FM channel covers the whole of Tamil Nadu state and is also available over the news on Air App, reaching out to huge number of listeners. The programme featured an interview of Ms. Ishwarya Thiagarajan MOHAN Foundation and Mr. Periyanayagam, Transplant Coordinator. Apart from this, a tamil play was aired everyday on the same mentioned dates which has been attached above. The same audio recording was also aired on tamil radio channels "Anna CR 90.4 MHZ" and "Pasumalia CR 90.4"). Read More


Sep 4, 2021 - Jalandhar
  • Mr. Sudhir Dewan (Director - MOHAN Foundation)'s talk on organ donation was broadcasted in AIR Rainbow Jalandhar in Punjabi language.

Nov 11, 2021 - Chandigarh, Relayed on : 13th November 2021
  • Mr. Sudhir Diwan was invited to speak on organ donation in Hindi Language, on radio station 'Radio City 91.9 FM' in Chandigarh. Read More

Madhya Pradesh

Nov 25, 2022 - Jan 2022 - Daily broadcast - Chanderi which was a hindi drama On organ donation
  • A hindi drama on organ donation, which was broadcasted on Program "Chanderi ki Awaaz" on 90.4 FM in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.


Nov 27-28 2021 - Pune which was a hindi drama on organ donation
  • An hindi drama was played on organ donation, which was broadcasted on Community Radio, Vidyavani on 107.4 FM in Pune.


Jan 3, 7, 10, 14 2022 - Munger
  • Radio Risarch 90.8 FM Munger, Bihar posted about "Angdaan Hai Mahadaan" a radio naatika on organ donation on their Facebook page to increase the listenership across Munger. Two radio programs were conducted for this month whose recording has been attached. On Jan 3, 7, 10, 14 of 2022 Community Radio Programme on Organ donation was broadcasted in Hindi at Bihar.

Feb 2022 - Bhagalpur from Feb 1 2022 - Feb 28 2022
  • MOHAN Foundation's 'Radio Naatika' on organ donation was aired twice a day, every Saturday, during Feb 2022, on Radio Active 90.4 FM Bhagalpur, Bihar to take its message from across villages in Bhagalpur. They also posted the 'radio naatika' on their Instagram page. Apart from this, a 60 second Spot schedule every day at 0900 hours & 1900 hours, drama schedule every Saturday.


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