E-Learning Surgical Retrieval Course on "Multi-Organ Donor Procurement Surgery"

Save Lives Through Your Surgical Skills

Are you a surgeon involved in the field of organ donation and transplantation?

Learn the right techniques in ‘Multi-Organ Donor Procurement Surgery’ to get good transplant graft outcomes.

We offer the only online course available to help you build your confidence. The course has graphics, text and videos to explain each step.

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The aim of the course is to standardize protocols for optimal retrieval, perfusion and preservation of organs.

This course is accredited by 4 centres.
1. The Dutch Transplant Foundation
2. European Society of Organ Transplantation
3. University Medical Centre Leiden, Netherlands
4. University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

Objectives of Online Course

Optimum organ retrieval perfusion and preservation are the basis of delivering quality organs for transplantation and have an impact on both short and long term graft outcome.

Standardization of surgical techniques is important in a network that shares organs between hospitals. The certificate course will give you access to all the online materials and videos for a year and once you successfully complete all the modules you will be rewarded with the certificate.

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