Organ Donor Memorial

Pay homage to the organ donors who have saved many lives. This organ donor memorial page is an attempt to create an everlasting presence for the families that have come forward to donate organs of their loved one and have given a “Gift of Life” to many patients suffering from organ failure.

We welcome you to share your memories, organ donation story, photos or, write tributes honouring the life of your loved one that had been an organ donor.

Please send us your well-drafted donor stories and tributes along with high definition photographs.

Note: The publishing of the donor story is subject to the decision taken by editor/members of MOHAN Foundation.

Organ Donor Stories

Miss. Renuka  

Age : 18 Years

Miss. Renuka 18yrs old was one of four siblings. She had just completed her 12th standard and was li...

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Mr. Veeraragavan  

Age : 45 Years

As a gardener in a in a Government School, near Tambaram the 45 year old Veeraragavan, was looking a...

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Mrs. Namita Kapoor  

Age : 52 Years

Mrs. Namita Kapoor was a religious, god fearing lady. Religion was the focal point of her life and e...

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Mr. R. Loganathan  

Age : 27 Years

Mr. R. Loganathan met with an accident in the evening of 11th June 2014 and was declared brain dead ...

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Ms. Kamlesh Verma  

Age : 56 Years

Ms. Kamlesh Verma had a fairly blissful and blessed life. She was a simple, uncomplicated woman who ...

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Marie Therese Hampart Zoumain  

Age : 68 Years

Marie Therese Hampart Zoumain story is a beautiful example of how humanity and noble deeds know no b...

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Mr. Reghuraman  

Age : 23 Years

Mr. Reghuraman a 23 year old young man, was a graduate in Maths. He belonged from the place where th...

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Ms. Janani Jambukesan  

Age : 21 Years

Janani Jambukesan was the first daughter to her parents, born in India in December 8, 1992. She was ...

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Mrs. Suriya Gandhi  

Age : 50 Years

Mrs. Suriya Gandhi, 50 years was a loving mother of three children and a wonderful person. After her...

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Mr. Vinoth  

Age : 19 Years

Mr. Vinoth, son of Mr. Mohan Muthu was a 19yrs old lovable boy who had lots of dreams about his futu...

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