Workshop for Intensive Care Professionals for Deceased Donation

MOHAN Foundation has been conducting training programs for healthcare professionals with an aim to augment deceased organ donations in India. One such training program is aimed at sensitizing the ICU doctors and nurses on the urgent need for their participation. Popularly known as the ICU Workshop, it is formatted by emulating models that are followed in countries such as the UK, Australia, Spain and USA.

The following topics are covered in the Workshop:
  • Identification and Declaration of Brain Death
  • Maintenance of brain dead potential donor
  • Grief counseling – the good and bad approach
  • Handling medico legal cases
The Workshops are highly interactive with active participation from all participants. Several practical demonstrations and processes are put in place, so that there is absolute clarity on the roles each of the personnel in the ICU plays during the donation process.

As communication is the key, a film on good and bad approach for counseling the family for organ donation has also been incorporated in the Workshop.

The “Organ Donation Pathway” tests the participants’ knowledge on the entire process and its sequence.

This one day Workshop is completely packaged with knowledge on processes, legal aspects, clinical aspects and the importance of team effort.

MOHAN Foundation has conducted multiple ICU Workshops in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

List of workshops conducted by MOHAN Foundation


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