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  • Lalitha Raghuram

    Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram
    Country Director

    Country Director Lalitha Raghuram is a compassionate, enthusiastic and a high-integrity individual and as the Country Director of MOHAN Foundation, she is committed towards achieving organizational objectives through optimal leverage of human & technological resources.
    She has a rich, broad-based expertise in health care management arising out of 27 years of experience with leading eye care and not-for-profit organizations around the world. She was an Administrator of L.V. Prasad Eye Institute for seven years (1986-93), following which she became the Executive Director of Eye Bank Association of India, where she served for 9 years (1993-2002). Having been trained internationally in USA, Prague and UK, she started MOHAN Foundation in Hyderabad in 2002.
    In the year 2004 Lalitha’s passionate commitment to her profession transcended deep personal tragedy. In a tragic incident, her young 19 year old son had a fatal road accident and was declared brain dead. Walking the talk, Lalitha and her husband took the heart-breaking but inspiring decision to donate their son’s organs. For this brave and noble action, they were presented the CNN IBN Real Heroes Award.They received a trophy and a cash award of INR 5 Lakhs, which they have donated to MOHAN Foundationto further the cause of organ donation.
    Most recently, Lalitha has been inducted as an “Ashoka Fellow”. Ashoka Fellows are social entrepreneurs who have made a difference in the society through their innovative work. She has also received the “Rotary Vocational Excellence Award” and "Woman in Transplantation Hero Award" among several other awards.
    Lalitha Raghuram
  • Pallavi Kumar

    Pallavi Kumar
    Executive Director

    Executive Director -(Delhi-NCR) Pallavi has been in the development sector for over 20 years, working for a variety of organizations and causes. She started the Delhi-NCR office of MOHAN Foundation in the year 2011.
    She brings to the sector her sensitivity and skills in relationship building & strategic communication. Her experiences raising funds for causes large and small has helped her understand how crucial fundraising skills are for an organization to be sustainable. Her expertise lies in fundraising from individuals and she won the award for the 3rd Highest Pledge Raising IPledger at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in 2013.
    Her work with Tamil Nadu Kidney Research Foundation in Chennai helped her understand the plight of patients living with end stage organ failure requiring a transplant for survival on one hand and the acute shortage of organs in our country on the other. Armed with this understanding, and her deep passion for social causes, Pallavi is taking forward the important work of the Foundation in the North.
    Prior to this, Pallavi was heading the South Asian Fund Raising Group (SAFRG). She was also with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), spearheading the individual donor giving solutions, before which she worked with NAZ Foundation for almost 5 years and is still associated with it.
    At MOHAN Foundation, she has launched unique program called “Angels of Change” in which selected student volunteers from schools and colleges are taken through a customized training module to enable them to undertake awareness initiatives on organ donation amongst various audiences. She made a poster presentation on the same in the 13th Congress of ISODP (International Society for Organ Donation & Procurement) in Seoul, Korea, which was very well received.
    Pallavi Kumar
  • Jaya Jairam

    Jaya Jairam
    Project Director

    Project Director Armed with an engineering degree and a Post graduate in Finance, Jaya had been working in the corporate sector for the past 18 years and very recently decided to quit the corporate world to join the social development sector, working for the cause of Organ donation with MOHAN Foundation.
    In the year 2010, at a very young age, Jaya underwent a kidney transplant. Her mother was the donor. The experience helped her understand the trauma of those waiting for an organ and the dilemma of taking an organ from a loved one. Since then she decided to undertake the challenging task of promoting deceased organ donation and encouraging more and more people to sign up for donating organs once they die.
    Jaya started the MF Mumbai office recently and has been passionately furthering the cause since then. She dreams of an India where the waiting list of people hoping to receive organs is virtually non-existent and where it is not so hard for people to get second chances at living lives with their loved ones.
    She hopes to enable support groups where first hand experiences and information could be exchanged, thereby helping people to cope better with the agonies and anxieties associated with organ failure.
    Jaya Jairam
  • Sudhir Dewan

    Sudhir Dewan
    Hon.Director – North

    Hon. Director – North Sudhir Dewan has been associated with MOHAN Foundation since 2010, working to promote deceased organ donation in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali, extending to other cities of Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh.
    Sudhir is an M.B.A. with 40 years of experience in Pharmaceutical & Hospital Marketing. He was the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational organization before taking on the work of the Foundation. Sudhir brings with him excellent communication skills and expertise in team building and administration.
    Sudhir himself underwent a liver transplant in 2008. After experiencing firsthand the lack of awareness regarding organ donation and the frantic & traumatic search for an organ, he decided while in ICU itself, to devote the rest of his years to the cause of organ donation.
    Sudhir, starting from scratch in Chandigarh, has conducted innumerable awareness sessions and has helped in the coordination of over 50 Organ Donations in the city. His major achievement has been the involvement with Command Hospital, Chandimandir which has contributed majorly in Organ Donation scenario in the Armed Forces.
    wewewe Appleseed
  • Ravi Wankhede

    Dr. Ravi Wankhede
    Honorary Director

    Honorary Director and Centre Head Dr. Ravi Wankhede is a former Indian Air Force doctor, having put in eight years of service to the Nation, before settling down in his native town Nagpur.
    Ravi has been associated with MOHAN Foundation for over 6 years following his voluntary kidney donation to a friend in 2009. In Nagpur, few hospitals have carrying out live kidney transplants since a fairly long time, however, deceased organ donation hadn’t really picked up for many reasons. One of the reason was that the transplant coordinators working in hospitals were not aware and not trained for the purpose. Ravi organized Transplant Coordinators training by MOHAN Foundation in Feb 2012. In less than two months, the first successful deceased organ donation took place. Since then many more deceased donations have taken place.
    Ravi’s act of donating kidney to a friend at the age of 60 attracted a lot of media attention after which the Government of Maharashtra nominated him as an expert member of the Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre (ZTCC) - Nagpur. This has led him to initiate mass awareness campaigns in and around Nagpur. Ravi has worked with the Academy of Medical Sciences, Indian Medical Associations, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Central India Kidney Foundation, Rotary Clubs, etc. for conducting awareness sessions and seminars on organ donation.
    wewewe Appleseed
  • Bhavna Jagwani

    Bhavna Jagwani
    Convenor, MFJCF

    Convenor, MFJCF In the year 2014 Bhavna took the initiative to start the very challenging task of setting up the deceased organ donation and transplant program in Rajasthan. An NGO was set upwith the partnership of MOHAN Foundation and Jaipur Citizen Forum called MFJCF.
    Bhavna has always been a crusader for various causes in Jaipur. During her 3rd pregnancy, Bhavna lost her vision due to a drug reaction. Miraculously the vision returned after a month. However the experience changed her. Believing that there is a purpose in everything, Bhavna founded the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan (EBSR) along with Late Shri M. L. Mehta in 2002. The primary objective of EBSR was cornea collection. Since its inception, more than 4000 people have got vision as a result of efforts by the EBSR.
    MFJCF is working closely with the Rajasthan governmentto set protocols& guidelines, enable training of the medical staff and to create awareness on organ donation. The MFJCF staff sensitively counsels families of brain dead persons in SMS government hospital to encourage them to donate their loved ones organs to save the lives of other people needing organs. A start, even if modest, has been made in deceased organ donation in Rajasthan, both in public and private hospitals and 12 multi organ donations have taken place since MFJCF was formed generating 38 organs.
    MFJCF was also instrumental in setting up the RNOS (Rajasthan Network of Organ Sharing). This online secure registry is to enablea fair and equitable distribution of organs to recipients waiting for organ transplantation from various hospitals in the state of Rajasthan.
    Bhavna Jagwani
  • Sujatha S

    Associate Director-Courses

    Associate Director - Courses Sujatha S is the Manager - Information Systems (MIS) with MOHAN Foundation. Being a post graduate in Social Work, she started her journey with the Foundation in 2010 as a Transplant Coordinator. She was deputed to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH), Chennai where she was involved in counselling the families of brain stem dead patients and facilitating the organ retrieval process. A few years later she was promoted as Manager - Information Systems that involves managing the reporting system within the organization, collating the activities of different centres, data mining and analysis, and reporting to the funding organization(s). Her experience at the RGGGH also allows her to contribute to the Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme as faculty for grief counselling and deceased donor coordination. She is also involved in developing and supporting the one year E-learning programme for Transplant Coordinators.
    She is the recipient of best paper presentation award for her paper on “Impact of Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme” at the 5th Annual Transplant Coordinators’ Workshop held in 2012. Her poster on “Macro opportunities; Micro utilization” won the best poster award at the 7th Annual Transplant coordinators’ Workshop held in 2014. Her abstract entitled "Deceased organ donation in a public hospital - A model programme" was accepted for oral communication at the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP) 2015 conference.
    Sujatha S has previously worked with cancer and HIV/AIDS patients and her interest in palliative care continues.
    Sujatha S
  • R. Govindsamy


    Accounts & Finance Manager Govindsamy comes in with a rich experience of more than two decades in accounts and financial management with not-for-profit organizations of National and International repute. He has been associated with MOHAN Foundation for the last five years. Govindswamy is methodical and brings in high levels of transparency and integrity to his work in the Foundation. He is recognized for his acumen in finance and project management in the NGO sector. Johnny Appleseed
  • Sivakumar B

    Sr. Programmer

    Senior Programmer Hailing from Trichy Siva has done his Masters in Computer Science from his home town. He joined Medindia, a medical information website, as a Test Engineer. Knowing his potential with web technologies, he was taken into MOHAN Foundation in 2011 and has been working since then.
    He is one of the strong pillars in technology for MOHAN Foundation as a webmaster for our well-designed and most visited website. He is also involved in designing the Foundation’s collaterals including newsletters and managing our social media applications.
    Kanchan Shewde
  • Dr.Hemal Kanvinde

    Dr.Hemal Kanvinde
    Q.A Officer

    Quality Assurance Officer Hemal joined MOHAN Foundation with a rich experience in managing developmental and action research projects. She has previously worked in the fields of biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods, gender studies and management of coastal ecosystems.
    She has brought to the organisation her skills in guiding young counsellors and designing research projects. She has developed a database of information needed to run a National Helpline on Organ Donation and has trained counsellors to deliver information concisely and clearly.
    Hemal has worked at M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Centre for Action Research on Environment Science and Society (CARESS), National Biodiversity Authority and Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO).
    Johnny Appleseed
  • Dr. Muneet Sahi

    Dr. Muneet Sahi
    Programme Manager

    Programme Manager Muneet is a medical professional with a rich and varied experience in public education; counseling and mass media diffusion related to cancer detection, AIDS, child safety and career guidance is currently part of the MOHAN nucleus in Northern Zone (Delhi).
    She brings to the organisation her understanding of people and her effective speaking skills. Meticulous to the core, she takes care of all the important documentation in the office. She unravels for her myriad audience the deep and emotive issues involved in the decision to donate one's organs. By virtue of her mature approach and years of experience in public life as a doctor she has proved herself invaluable in dealing with distressed kin of potential donors during her day to day work. She is also a passionate trainer.
    She was awarded the Best Transplant Coordinator award in the year 2013 at the Transplant Coordinators’ Workshop held in Hyderabad.
    Prior to this she was working at various Indian Navy stations as a health coordinator and liaisoned for camps and welfare activities for the kith and kin of the defence personnel. She has also had a long innings as a private practitioner running an independent dispensary.
    Dr. Muneet Sahi
  • Dr. Bhanu Chandra

    Dr. Bhanu Chandra
    Operations Manager

    Operations Manager Bhanu Chandra is a qualified physiotherapist and has aMaster’sdegree in Hospital Administration.
    Bhanu has a wide experience in grief counselling convincing more than 150 families to donate organs of their loved ones. He was awarded Best Transplant Coordinator Award in 2015 during the 8th National Annual Transplant Coordinators Workshop.
    Dr. Bhanu Chandra
  • Dr. Bhanu Prakash

    Dr. Bhanu Prakash
    Tx. Coordinator

    Tx. Coordinator

    Bhanu Prakash is qualified physiotherapist and has aMaster’s degree in Hospital Administration.
    He has made his mark as an effective counsellor, and is considered one of the best transplant coordinators in Hyderabad convincing many families in their hour of grief to take the heroic decision to donate their loved one’s organs for the benefit of others.

    Dr. Bhanu Prakash
  • Krishnan



    Krishnan completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay and his MMS in Finance from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Bombay. He is associated with MOHAN FOUNDATION since 2008 and is presently involved in public education on Organ Donation and Transplantation. In 1997 he underwent a kidney transplant at Apollo Chennai, where the donor was his elder sister. Post-transplant he relocated to Chennai from Mumbai and went on to become the Managing Director of a consultancy company. He is now an adviser in two startups and a consultant to MOHAN Foundation, in charge of Bangalore operations. He assists Dr. Sunil Shroff in his pet project on medical drones.
    Apart from his other interests, he wants to dispel the myths and misgivings surrounding Organ Donation and Transplant.

  • Usha Balasubramanian


    Patient Support Group

    Usha Balasubramanian is an Economics graduate who was extremely passionate on pursuing her dream to become a doctor. However, destiny had other plans and she spent a good part of her life playing the roles of a dedicated mother, supportive spouse and committed daughter- in-law. Although she was presented with the opportunity to be a part of the teaching community, she did not take up this offer as she did not want to compromise on the home front.
    In 2011 her husband was diagnosed with ESRD and this cruel twist of fate changed her life completely. To try and brave this storm, she did an in depth study of the disease, its various challenges and its daunting pitfalls. She lost her husband to the same in the year 2018. Her experience as her husband’s caregiver motivated her to offer her services to Mohan Foundation. It is rather ironic that in the face of this irreparable loss, Usha’s dreams are finally seeing the light of day. But then, better late than never.

    Usha Balasubramanian
  • Kavitha Aneesh

    Kavitha Aneesh
    Marketing Coordinator

    Marketing Coordinator, Trivandrum Kavitha Aneesh, Marketing Coordinator (Trivandrum) has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Sri Ramachandra University (Chennai) and a Master’s degree both in Business Administration from Madras University (Chennai) and in Psychology from Mother Teresa Women’s’ University (Chennai).
    Kavitha started her carrier as a nurse in Apollo Hospitals. She soon moved to teaching in Rajalakshmi College of Nursing, Chennai. She has trained more than 200 students in the four years. Understanding the importance of organ donation, she joined MOHAN Foundation in 2012.
    As a Transplant Coordinator, deputed at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital Chennai, Kavitha was responsible for initiating a one to one sensitization programme for nurses. This improved the eye donation rate in the hospital. This multilingual coordinator attends the MOHAN Foundation helpline calls in all languages. She has contributed in conducted in many awareness classes and Workshops.
    In 2015, Kavitha shifted to Trivandrum and continues her work as a counselor for the helpline and as a public speaker for awareness on organ donation in Kerala.
  • Bulu Behera

    Bulu Behera
    Tx. Coordinator

    Tx. Coordinator Bulu Behera has been working with MOHAN Foundation since 2013. Bulu is a social work graduate from National Institute of Social Work and Social Science (NISWASS) Phulbani, Orissa. He has a Master's Degree in MSW (Master of Social Work) from Matru Sewa Sangh, Institute of Social Work Nagpur (Maharashtra).
    He was associated with an NGO called ‘People Awareness & Hilly Area Development (PAHAD)’ for tribal people under livelihood mission after completing his graduation. He has also done a one month internship in Mumbai in center for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS) for women empowerment.
    He has undergone Transplant Coordinator’s training from MOHAN Foundation and is now working as a Transplant Coordinator. He is also simultaneously pursuing Master of Labor study (MLS) at Regional Labour Institute.
  • Jerin Rajan

    Jerin Rajan

    HR & Admin Executive

    Jerin Rajan has a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration with a specialisation in Human Resources (HR)
    He began his career as an HR professional with a start-up where he learned to plan, direct and coordinate administrative functions of an organization. At MOHAN Foundation, Jerin manages all the HR and admintration related matters.
    Jerin enjoys a good game of cricket and likes to travel.

    Jerin Rajan
  • Seema Bose

    Seema Bose
    Honorary Consultant

    Honorary Consultant

    Seema Bose has an MBA degree specializing in Marketing and HR. She has an experience of over 20 years with an extensive mix of companies spread across automotive companies to telecommunications. She has worked as a PR and HR professional in companies like Yamaha Motors, Enron Oil & Gas, Oxford University Press and Airtel.
    Seema is an extremely empathetic and compassionate person who has found her calling in the support of the less privileged people in society and especially those who suffer from debilitating diseases. Her motto in life is - “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”. She has joined MOHAN Foundation as an Honorary Consultant with the desire to increase organ donations in the country.

    Seema Bose
  • Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma
    Program Officer

    Program Officer Neha Sharma has a Masters in Sociology. She is working as Program Officer at the MOHAN Foundation Chandigarh office. Prior to joining MOHAN Foundation, she was teaching at a school.
    In the last one year since Neha has joined the Foundation she has worked extensively in creating awareness on organ donation in the areas of Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana. She is a Permanent Resource Person at Red Cross Punjab & Haryana, Directorate of N.C.C, N.S.S., Chandigarh Administration. She has conducted more than 130 Awareness Programs addressing around 20,000 audience.
    Neha Sharma
  • Rashmi Shetty

    Rashmi Shetty
    Project Assistant

    Project Assistant

    Ms. Rashmi Shetty has done her Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Medical and Psychiatry from the School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore. She has over 5 years of experience in the NGO sector specially in the field of counseling and therapy for children, adolescents and families. Prior to joining the Foundation, she has worked in the District Child Protection Unit as a counselor and at the Fame Swavalambana, Bangalore, as a Welfare officer which was a vocational training center for differently able adults. Rahsmi works as a Project Assistant with the Mumbai office of MOHAN Foundation where she is essentially involved in conducting awareness programs on organ donation, documentation and report writing, organizing and assisting in events and projects conducted by MOHAN Foundation.

    Rashmi Shetty
  • Jagdish Borude

    Jagdish Borude
    Transplant Coordinator

    Transplant Coordinator

    Mr. Jagdish Borude has a Masters in Bioinformatics from Savitribai Phule Pune University. He has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Mental Health from Karve Institute of Social Work, Pune. Armed with this knowledge, he is working as a Transplant Coordinator at MOHAN Foundation Mumbai office since April 2021.
    Jagdish has experience in counseling as he has worked in the Disability Commissionerate, Govt. of Maharashtra in the COVID-19 helpline as Mental Health Counselor. He has also worked in Sassoon General Hospital COVID-19 center as Social Service Superintendent. His interest area is in grief counseling and mental health.
    Jagdish has been placed at B.J. Government Medical College and Sassoon Hospital, Pune. His role is to counsel relatives of brain dead and cardiac dead patients and encourage them for organ and tissue donation. Apart from this he conducts ongoing awareness programs in community on organ donation.

    Jagdish Borude
  • Marulappa L N

    Marulappa L N
    Tx. Coordinator

    Tx. Coordinator

    Marulappa has a master’s degree in Social Work from Davanagere University. He has experience of working in B W Lions Super Speciality Eye Hospital as an Eye Donation Counsellor.
    He joined MOHAN foundation in April 2019 as a Transplant Coordinator. He did his training for a Transplant Coordinator in Hubli.

    Johnny Appleseed
  • Jaya Christy

    Jaya Christy
    UX Designer

    UX Designer

    Jaya Christy has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Application. She is working as a UX Designer at MOHAN Foundation.
    Jaya has a vast experience in the field of Designing and Digital Marketing in the IT Sector. She is also a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant.
    At MOHAN Foundation, Jaya handles the Graphic & Web designing. She is also involved in handling the Social media pages of the organisation.

    Jaya Christy
  • Ganesh C

    Ganesh C
    Marketing Coordinator

    Marketing Coordinator

    Ganesh C has a B.Tech degree in Mechatronics from SASTRA University, Thanjavur. Ganesh started his career as a consultant in Sutherland Global Services where he served as Senior Consultant, Process Trainer but eventually joined their CSR Team. Due to his interest in the social field, he changed his line and joined an NGO as a Project Manager in Village Upliftment Program (VUP) focusing on adopting Gram Panchayat (Village Cluster) and implementing development activities.
    At MOHAN Foundation, Ganesh is responsible for the Marketing of the e-learning courses, conducting awareness sessions on Organ Donation and providing customer support through the Helpline. He is also supporting the Drone project of MOHAN Foundation - DRONACHARYA.

    Ganesh C
  • Preeti Goswami

    Preeti Goswami
    Programme Officer

    Programme Officer

    Preeti Goswami is a Masters in Mass Communication from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology from Hisar, Haryana. She has been active in social development work since 2008 and has contributed with her organizational, administrative and communication skills in many national and international Social Development Organizations.
    Preeti recently joined the MOHAN Foundation Family in Delhi-NCR as a Programme Officer in December 2019. She likes meeting new people, exploring different culture and listening to music.

    Preeti Goswami
  • Dr. Aanchal Makhija

    Dr. Aanchal Makhija
    Patient Support
    Group Counselor

    Patient Support Group Counselor

    With a Bachelors in Dental Surgery and a Diploma in Counseling, Dr. Aanchal Makhija has joined the MOHAN Foundation as a Patient Support Group Counselor for TRIOMPH (Transplant Recipients of India and Organ failure Patients - a Movement to Provide Hope) - a Patient Support Group initiated by MOHAN Foundation.
    Aanchal has always been compassionate and enthusiastic about working for society and community. Before joining the Foundation, Anchal has worked in NGO's like NAZ foundation (involved in providing care and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS) and Udayan Care (working to empower vulnerable women, children and youth in 25 cities).
    At MOHAN Foundation she counsels transplant recipients and donor families about how to take care of themselves post-transplant. Aanchal is herself undergoing dialysis and she encourages dialysis patients with her ownexperience.
    Aanchal is an explorer and an intrepid follower of her own heart. She motivates and encourages people by inculcating hope in their life.

    Dr. Aanchal Makhija
  • Sherlyn Fernandes

    Sherlyn Fernandes
    Program Officer

    Program Officer Ms. Sherlyn Fernandes has a Masters in Social work with specialization in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore. She has worked as a Mental health counsellor as well as a community organizer at SCODWES. She has gained experiences through her work placements in health care settings and playing voluntary roles as a community organizer which has helped her develop a great understanding of the needs of beneficiaries. Sherlyn works as a Program Officer at MOHAN Foundation. Her role involves Counselling the family members of the deceased donor and creating awareness among the public about the importance of organ donation. Sherlyn Fernandes
  • Shanth Ragul

    Shanth Ragul
    Project Executive

    Project Executive - Education Shanth Ragul has a Bachelors in Digital journalism from Loyola college, Chennai. At the beginning of his career, he was a social media manager then moved on to work as a content writer and graphic designer with a local newspaper in Anna nagar. His desire to be a change maker in society led him to the development sector instead of pursuing a corporate career. His extensive experience working in NGOs such as Sevalaya, Child Help Foundation, and Greenpeace International helped him gain a deeper understanding of the social sector. He is also keen to explore other aspects of his interests such as mentoring, public speaking and advocacy.
    At MOHAN Foundation, Shanth Ragul is responsible for the smooth flow of the e-learning courses and conducting awareness sessions. He is also assisting in designing various collaterals for the Foundation.
    Shanth Ragul
  • Preetha Baskar

    Preetha Baskar
    Project Executive

    Project Executive - Helpline & Public Awareness Preetha Baskar has completed her graduation in Medical Sociology from MMM College of Health Sciences. She joined MOHAN Foundation as a Programme Executive-Helpline and Education, soon after the completion of her course. A self-learner, Preetha is a very reserved person and she hopes that her experience at MOHAN Foundation will help her come out of her comfort zone. Preetha Baskar
  • Sachi Gupta

    Sachi Gupta
    Transplant Coordinator

    Transplant Coordinator Ms. Sachi Gupta has a Masters in Public Health from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka. Post this she did a degree in Cardiovascular Technology from Galgotias University, Greater Noida. She joined MOHAN Foundation as a Transplant Coordinator with the Delhi office in February 2022.
    Sachi is an aspiring Public Health professional with a deep interest in health policy and healthcare administration. She had always wanted to be a part of a result-driven organisation where she can continue to develop new skills and attain personal and organisational goals.
    Sachi has been placed at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, one of the hospitals that the Foundation has partnered with to promote organ donation. Her responsibilities include counseling relatives of brain death and circulatory death patients to encourage them for organ and tissue donation.
    Sachi Gupta
  • Srividya Subramanian

    Srividya Subramanian
    Project Manager

    Project Manager-Hyderabad Srividya Subramanian has a B.Com Degree from St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad . while she started her career from Dupont Ltd but soon found her calling in the support of underprivileged people of the society. Her passion to be a changemaker in the society led her to be in the development sector instead of pursuing a career in corporate sector. Srividya is an extremely compassionate and empathetic person who wants to be a catalyst in the field of organ donation. She is vibrant, lively, cheerful, jovial and believes that one day she will be instrumental in bringing about the change she wishes to see in the society. She has joined MOHAN Foundation’s Hyderabad office as a Project Manager. Srividya Subramanian
  • Manikandan K

    Office Assistant

    Office Assistant Manikandan is the Chennai office’s Man Friday. He joined MOHAN Foundation in 2013 in the capacity of Office Assistant. Manikandan is the first to come to the office and the last one to leave. He runs all the errands with a smile on his face. He has also begun assisting in manning organ donation information stalls. This diehard fan of South Indian actor Ajith is a qualified welder by ITI and loves to repair all electronic items. Johnny Appleseed