Donor Memorial

  • Mrs. Padma Shankar Rao   - 89 Years

    Affectionately known as 'Amma,' Mrs. Padma Shankar Rao would have celebrated her 90th birthday in December 2023. Her life was a celebration, marked by an unbridled zest for living. Alongside indulging in her favorite TV series on Hotstar, she relished the flavors of life through pizzas, burgers, samosas, and batata vadas. In her younger years, she not only mastered the art of culinary delights but also exuded a perfectionism that extended to maintaining her home, rendering it not only impeccably clean but also a haven of warmth for her beloved family. She took immense pride and joy in the remarkable achievements of her grandchildren. She passed away on Nov 6, 2023.

    Her son, Mr. Kirti Rao shared, "In honor of her memory and her benevolence, we felt compelled to make a meaningful contribution. We wished to donate her corneas. We reached out to MOHAN Foundation via their Helpline Number 1800 103 7100".

    "A compassionate counselor explained that, given her age had exceeded 80, corneal donation was not feasible; however, we could proceed with a skin donation. In this way, Amma's legacy continues to touch lives, having been able to provide vital assistance to burn victims".

    Farewell, Amma, your kindness lives on.


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