Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Dilip Patil   - 76 Years

    Mr. Dilip Patil, a 76-year-old resident of Somalwada, Nagpur, known for his honesty, and kindness, worked for Mr. Praveen Chimalwar, Retired District Agriculture Superintendent. He had tragically faced abandonment by his own family for over a decade. Mr. Chimalwar provided shelter and employment to Mr. Patil. Unfortunately, Mr. Patil recently fell ill and passed away on November 1, 2023, at Datta Meghe Medical College in Wanadongri, Nagpur.

    In an unprecedented display of benevolence, Mr. Chimalwar chose to donate Mr. Patil's body to the anatomy department at GMCH Nagpur, deviating from traditional cremation practices. He reached out to Mrs. Veena Wathore of MOHAN Foundation, who in turn coordinated with GMCH Nagpur. Mr. Dilip Patil's legacy of unwavering service now extends to contributing to medical education and research. MOHAN Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Praveen Chimalwar for the exceptional and compassionate decision, embodying the true spirit of humanity.


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