Donor Memorial

  • Mr. K. Romen Kumar Singh   - 31 Years

    Mr. K. Romen Kumar Singh, 31 years old, was a father of two from Kongpal Kshetri Leikai, Imphal-East, Manipur. He used to work as a water tank driver, demonstrating a strong work ethic to support his small family. Mr. Singh had ambitious plans to expand his business by supplying water to the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, Porompat, Imphal. Known for being health-conscious, he took great care of his family's well-being. Upon his wife's diagnosis of postpartum hypertension, he proactively offered advice and direction regarding health-related practises to be avoided.

    However, fate had a different plan. In an unforeseen incident, Mr. Singh suffered a stroke, leading to his hospitalization on October 7, 2023.

    His wife caring for their two-month-old twin babies was grappling with the undisclosed details of her husband's condition. The family found themselves helpless amid the turmoil. Despite several counselling sessions involving his elder brother and sister, consent could not be obtained without his wife's involvement. As the situation deteriorated, the wife was eventually summoned to the hospital.

    The final counselling session involved the wife and sister. With a heavy heart, the wife expressed her willingness to proceed with organ donation, stating, "Even though I couldn't save him, at least his kidneys will be alive in someone else's body." Mr. Romen's elder brother added, "It is a heart-breaking moment to accept that he is leaving behind two-month-old babies to his wife, but we cannot do anything other than donate his organs and leave a legacy for his children."

    MOHAN Foundation extended gratitude to Mr. Romen's wife and family for their generosity in donating his kidneys amidst the heart-wrenching situation. Mr. Romen's selfless act continues to provide hope for two candidates with kidney failure, inspiring the community. He will be remembered as the second person to donate his kidneys after brain death in Imphal, the first being Mr. Sarungbam Kennedy Singh.


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