Organ Donation awareness program at Lokmanya College, Warora

Updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021
  • On 12thJanuary 2021 MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur was invited at Lokmanya College, Warora to help organise organ donation awareness. The program was organised by Inner Wheel Women’s Club President Mrs Seema Lakhotiya on the occasion of ‘Swami Vivekananda Jayanti’ for the members of Inner WheelClub and NSS students of Lokmanya College. The program was inaugurated by Principal of Lokmanya College Mrs Seema Lakhotiya, President of Inner Wheel Club and Ms Prarthana Dwivedi (Transplant Coordinator of MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur),

    A stall was manned in the hall by MOHAN Foundation which was held by Ms Prarthana Dwivedi and Mr Bulu Behra. All the arrangements and crowd management was done by the NSS Unit of Lokmanya College and Inner Wheel Women’s Club members.

    Ms Prarthana introduced MOHAN Foundation and its activities. She shared information about the concepts and process of organ donation, organs and tissues that can be donated and the need for spreading awareness about organ donation. She then discussed some of the common myths that deter the public from committing to the cause of organ donation.

    Ms Prarthana also explained the types of death viz. Cardiac and Brain Death. She then explained the organs and tissues that can be donated in both types of Death. She also described that tissue donation (skin & eyes) can take place even at home which caught attention of the participants. She also discussed about Organ Donations that can happen when a person is declared Brain Dead. She spoke about the number of lives that can be saved by sharing few examples of successful transplant stories. She also told the audience to take help of Organ Donation Helpline No 1800 103 7100 of MOHAN Foundation.

    Posters, pamphlets and organ donor cards were displayed in the stall. Information was also given by PowerPoint Presentation by Mr Bulu Behera. About 50 persons visited the stall and 15 persons pledged by filling the pledge forms. They were given ‘Organ donor cards’. MOHAN Foundation thanks by Principal of Lokmanya College and Inner Wheel Women’s Club members for supporting the cause of organ donation.

    Source-Prarthana Dwivedi
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