My Tryst with COVID-19 and the COVID Task Force: Dr. Rahul Pandit

Updated on Tuesday, June 16, 2020
  • On June 10, 2020, MOHAN Foundation organized a webinar titled “My tryst with COVID-19”. The webinar was conducted by renowned health professional, Dr Rahul Pandit – Director Intensive Care, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai. He shared his experience with COVID-19, being a frontline medical warrior in the uncertain and unprecedented times of the pandemic. He also threw light on COVID-19 task force and its focus areas.


    He began with expressing his gratitude towards MOHAN Foundation for its life saving work and its association with Fortis and other health care sectors for organizing awareness sessions on organ donation, workshops and training programmes for health professionals on Transplant coordination across India.


    Dr. Pandit informed the audience about the tragic statistics of the spread and rising cases of COVID-19 in Maharashtra having confirmed around 107,000 cases of the coronavirus as of June 15, 2020. He shared how Fortis Hospital in Mumbai became a hybrid hospital for COVID patients and helped the state in combating corona cases. The hospital dedicated one of its buildings for COVID patients having 20 ICU beds which enable smooth treatment of the patients.


    Having contracted the coronavirus, Dr. Pandit shared his experience with COVID-19. He shared how symptoms appeared and details about the recovery period. With his strong determination and will, he has recovered from the disease. He motivated the audience to stay calm and positive in these difficult times and said self-quarantine was the best way to protect ourselves and our family members.


    He then spoke about COVID-19 task force at Fortis and how has it has been functioning. He informed that there were 14 staff who worked 4 shifts 24X7 in the hospital treating patients and providing them counselling and emotional support. The task Force prioritizes action to support the State’s objective that is to combat COVID-19 cases. The task force also enables smooth and quick access of health equipment, medicines, treatment and provides intensive care to the patients.


    Close to 50 people attended the webinar including NATCO & TRIOMPH members.

    Source-Ms. Preeti Goswami
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