Angels of Change training programme for nursing students of Mohamad Sathak AJ College of Nursing

Updated on Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • MOHAN Foundation conducted its 11th Angels of Change training programme for the nursing students of Mohamad Sathak AJ College of Nursing, Siruseri on 10th and 11th September 2018 from 1 PM. Dr. Hemal Kanvinde – Quality Assurance Officer, Mr. Siva Shankar – Helpline Executive, Ms. Ishwarya – Helpline Executive and Mr. Bulu Behera – Transplant Coordinator were the resource people for the session. The students were given resource materials that included the Angels of Change manual and CDs containing materials relating to organ donation awareness.

    The session started with the introduction of Angels of Change by Dr. Hemal. She explained the many activities that were being done by other Angels, like setting up of awareness stalls and painting competitions being held at various public places. This helped the students get an idea of what they are expected to do after the training. She then continued with a mind mapping activity for the students which introduced them to the topic of organ donation. Siva Shankar took over the session by explaining the need for public awareness and ways to take this cause to the public. He illustrated various ideas on how to reach everyone. This provided clarity to the students regarding the need for public awareness on this social issue.

    The students were then divided into the following groups: events, public talk and public survey to facilitate the workshop. The events group was assigned to come up with ideas on where and how they could conduct activities for organ donation awareness; public talk group were asked to practice delivering talks using the slides given in the CD; and the survey group were told to conduct a small survey among people of the college and present their data.  The day ended with students working on the tasks assigned to them.

    The following morning began with a recap of the previous day’s session by Ishwarya. The students recalled the contents and topics that had been discussed. The session was then continued by Siva Shankar playing a video of a recipient who had received an organ following which the students wrote thank you letters to the donor and their families. They were then told to present a short skit on the activities that may happen in a hospital following the brain death certification of a patient and his family being approached for a possible donation. The students acted out both positive and negative scenarios showing the misconceptions on organ donation and transplantation in hospital. They also were able to understand the role of all the stakeholders involved.  The survey team presented the data they had collected in a pictorial format and then a few members of the public talk group stepped up to deliver mock awareness talks.

    Following this, seven students who had written the best thank you letters were awarded with badges for their effort. The day ended with a group photo with the Angels of Change and the staff and a vote of thanks by the students. MOHAN Foundation thanks Mohammed Sathak College for the opportunity.

    Source-Siva Shankar T S
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