7th batch of Angels of Change Volunteers Training for Organ Donation with participants from Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Delhi

Updated on Friday, December 7, 2018
  • On November 24 & December 1, 2018, MOHAN Foundation, Delhi NCR conducted the 7th batch of “Angels of Change” training program with the volunteers from PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India), Delhi. 10 volunteers (9 students pursuing Masters in Public health (MPH) and one independent volunteer) underwent the training. Ms. Pallavi Kumar (Executive Director, MF) and Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi (Program Manager, MF) conducted the training.


    Day 1 of the training (November 24):Dr. Muneet began the session by introducing the Foundation and its objectives. She gave a brief description of Angels of Change program and what is the idea behind conducting it. She then asked the participants to give a brief introduction about themselves including the reason why they are a part of this training.


    A motivational video on organ donation was shown to the volunteers followed by explaining the basic concepts of organ donation with help of a PowerPoint presentation. Dr. Muneet explained topics like what is the need of organ donation in India, who can donate, what all organs can be donated, when can organs be donated, brain death, the myths related to organ donation and their clarifications, importance of eye donation, etc.


    The session ended with another inspirational video on organ donation. 2 activities were conducted with the volunteers after the presentation. The first activity was ‘Stories of Hope’ in which the volunteers were given a few organ donation stories. They were asked to pick one and share their views about it. In the second activity, the volunteers were asked to write a ‘Thank You Letter’ to an anonymous organ donor, imagining themselves to be recipients.


    In the second half of the day, an interactive session with the experts of Medanta Hospital was organized for the volunteers. The panelists were Dr. Mohd Tariq Ali (Director, Institute of Critical Care &Anaesthesiology), Dr. Sanjeev Rohatgi (Consultant, Institute of Liver Transplant &Hepato Biliary Sciences), Dr. Jaya Wanchoo (Anaesthesiologist), Dr. SrilathaaGunasekaran (Consultant -Ophthalmology) & Ms. Iva Pandey (Medical social Worker). They all shared with the participants their experiences and the challenges faced during their practice.


    The volunteers had various questions regarding brain death, transplant coordination and processes involved in it. The same were answered effectively by the experts. Mrs. Arora, a donor who donated a part of her liver to her husband in Medanta Hospital was also invited for the session. She shared her pre and post donation journey with the volunteers and helped them understand the thought process of a donor at the time of donation. It was indeed a very effective learning experience for the volunteers.


    Day 2 of the training (October 6): Each volunteer presented their presentation on organ donation. The presentations were looked at critically. Feedback was given on the basis of content & organization of the presentation, validity & accuracy of the information given in each slide and the overall presentation of the volunteer. Tips on how they could connect with their audience, how they could keep the length of the talk just right and how they could make their talk more interesting were also discussed. Post their presentations and considering the above points, the volunteers were given suggestions how they could improve upon the content and way of presentation. They were asked to send their presentations incorporating the inputs given.

    Source-Dr. Pallavi Rekhi
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