Critical Care Workshop for Doctors at Life-supporters Institute of Health Science (LIHS), Mumbai

Updated on Friday, December 7, 2018
  • On 23rd November 2018, Life-supporters Institute of Health Science (LIHS) invited MOHAN Foundation, Mumbai to sensitize Doctors enrolled with them for Emergency care and pre-hospital care course so that they also can become an important part in the Organ Donation, Retrieval & Transplantation process.


    Dr. Ajay Desai (Director of LIHS) had introduced the speakers Dr Sonali Vadi and Dr Jimmy Gupta. Further, Dr Jimmy briefed the doctors about topics related to brain death identification & declaration, protocols that one should follow if a brain dead patient is identified in an ICU or ER, donor optimization, laws and regulations related to Organ Donation & Allocation process that are going to be discussed.


    Dr Jimmy started the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation and its mission, vision, objectives and activities. She then explained the urgent need of organ donation by making doctors aware about the statistics of the waiting list in india. Further she explained to them the difference between Cardiac Death and Brain Death and also about the organs, tissues & bones that can be donated in both types of death. Lastly she elaborated the SOP or Protocol that one should follow if a brain dead patient is identified in an ICU or ER and help in donor optimization. She also in detail listed out the laws and regulations related to organ donation & allocation process and the role of Nodal Agency in the process.


    Dr Sonali Vadi then took over and explained to the doctors what brain death was and how one could identify it. She also discussed about the apnoea test & the intervals in which they are conducted. She then went on to elaborate the investigations needed for cross-match and donor maintenance along with donor optimization techniques. Also a 13 minute video was shown to the doctors to get a deep insight about brain death identification, declaration and grief counselling. Many queries were raised at the end of the session, which were answered satisfactorily.


    We thank all the directors of LIHS Dr. Ajay Desai, Dr. Percy Bharucha and Dr. Paresh Navalkar for their support to the workshop. We also thank Ms.Pallavi for coordinating for the session. Lastly, we wish to thank Dr Sonali Vadi for taking time out to be the speaker for the workshop.

    Source-Dr. Jimmy Gupta
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