Donor Memorial

  • Mrs. Nirmala Mehta   - 48 Years

    Date of Donation : 3/30/2015

    A gentle soul, Nirmala ji was a pious religious minded lady. She lost her father before she was married and her mother was blind.

    Coming from a large family with 3 brothers and 4 sisters in all, Nirmala ji would always write letters and send rakhis to her brothers.

    Mother to four children, Nirmala ji was a simple woman who valued her family life. She was deeply religious and used to love reading religious and spiritual books.

    A wonderful mother, Nirmala ji was also a loving daughter-in-law getting along very well with her mother-in-law. In fact the mother in law and daughter-in-law would often team up against Manmohan Mehta ji, Nirmala ji’s husband.

    Red colour was her favourite and she used to value the things in her life, was not fond of TV or songs but used to love visiting religious places.

    She would share everything and had a nice sense of humour. She used to fast regularly and was happiest when she would be able to help somebody- do some ‘daan-punya’.

    When her family took the decision to donate her organs †it was the completion of a life lived piously and helping others.

    Place : Rajasthan

    Husband's Name    : Mr. Manmohan Mehta


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