Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Tamil Prathap   - 24 Years

    Date of Donation : 12/30/2014

    Mr. A. Tamil Prathap, 24 years old, he was working as marketing manager in Airtel with lots of dreams about his future life he entered into his career. He was very active and lovable person in the family and was very much close to his sister. He was known for his goodness and helping nature. He put himself first to help others¯ mentioned Mrs. Ramya, his elder sister.

    On 28th December evening, Mr. Tamil Prathap on his way back to his home. As he was riding his bike and he was about to cross the Poonamallee bus stop, he was hit by an Omni bus. During the examination he was found to have severe head injury. On 29th December 2014 he was declared brain dead.

    The family was shocked, and was not able to accept the fact that their young boy would never return. Even though they are in grief the family members decided to donate their son's organs to save others life. When Mrs. Ramya signed the consent form she said that My brother is no more at least let his organs live long¯.

    Mr. Tamil Prathap's Kidney (2), Liver, Heart and Corneas (2) were transplanted to six different people and his soul reached heaven. In the true sense he became a real hero by saving many people's life.

    Sister's Name         : Ms. Ramya


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