Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Devabhaktula  Sudeer - 22 Years

    Date of Donation : 8/22/2015

    Mr. Devabhaktula Sudeer, 22 years old, was an appeasing personality, gentle and kind to others, which was clearly evident with the huge number of people that visited the hospital to pay gratitude. Mr. Sudeer graduated recently completing his BTech from Sarojini Devi Engineering College and went to college to collect certificates of his hard earned degree. While returning home, he met with the fatal accident while crossing the road and was admitted to Andhra Hospital on an emergent basis for treatment. After every possible attempt to save his life, he could not recuperate and was declared brain dead by the panel of doctors on 22nd August, 2015.

    Mr. Sudeer's family members were elaborately explained on his condition and about the option of organ donation. His father, Mr. D. Shiva Rama Prasad, and uncle, Mr. D. Raghu Ramaiah along with other family members came forward and consented to donate organs. Ms. Shantakumari of MOHAN Foundation counseled the family members and has coordinated with Dr. Krishna Murthy (Chief Transplant Coordinator) of Jeevandan and Dr. Ravi Raju, Chairman of Jeevandan including the police department for arranging 'Green Corridor.'¯ Mr. Sudeer's, two kidneys, liver, heart and two corneas were donated. By their noble gesture of donating the organs of their beloved family member, they saved four lives of patients suffering from organ failure and have provided vision to two corneal blind patients.

    Donated Organs: Two Kidneys, Liver, Heart and two Corneas.

    Place : Vijayawada

    Father's Name          :Mr. D. Shiva Rama Prasad


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