MOHAN Foundation conducts Angels of Change (AOC) Volunteers Training Programme with the students of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Rohini (University of Delhi)

Updated on Wednesday, March 4, 2020
  • MOHAN Foundation conducted Angels of Change volunteer training program for the students of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS), Rohini (University of Delhi). It was a full 2-day training, conducted on two consecutive Saturdays, on February 22 and 29, 2020 respectively as the college is closed on Saturday. The first day of training was conducted in the college premises and the second day in the Foundation's office situated in Gurugram. 


    The training was organized through the initiative of Mr. Nishit Sood, Chair of the Delhi Chapter of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Yi (Young Indians). Rohan Yadav, President Yi Yuva, SSCBS and Vanshika Pant, Secretary Yi Yuva (SSCBS) facilitated and coordinated the process.


    7 students of first year and second year pursuing Business Management Studies (BMS) volunteered to undertake the training programme. The details of the students are as follows:

    • Rohan Yahav (2nd year)
    • Siddeeq Ahmad (1st year)
    • Tanmay Yadav (2nd year)
    • Shantanu Chaudhary (1st year)
    • Sukriti Jain (1st year)
    • Vanshika Pant (2nd year)
    • Irsheen Baveja (1st year)
    • Harshita Mongia (1st year)


    The two days training had the following sessions:


    February 22, 2020 (Day 1): 


    • Introduction to the Workshop – Registration and introduction to the programme.

    • Short introduction by the participants.

    • Presentation on organ donation – concepts, types of donation, THO Act, myths and their reality check and other relevant facts.

    • Screening of short films on organ donation and brain death.

    • Short corresponding presentation covering other topics related to organ donation and transplantation i.e. information about national organization (NOTTO), pledge registry, organ sharing registries of different states and process of signing up and donor card. 

    • Activity 1: - “Stories of Hope” Students were given 4 donor stories to read and were told to pick one that inspired them the most and then answer a few questions based on their choice. The aim of this activity was to help students to understand the donor family perspective.

    • Activity 2: - Letter writing “Thank you”- students were asked to write a thank you letter to an anonymous donor family thanking them for an organ received. The aim was to help students to think from the perspective of an organ recipient.


    The session ended with an inspirational video on organ donation. At the close of the first day of training, Dr. Muneet guided the students on the basic essential information that was to be included in their individual presentations on organ donation which the students will present next week in front of the trainer i.e. day 2 of the training. Students were also given resource material that would help them to make presentations.


    February 29, 2020 (Day 2): Presentation by the volunteers of AOC


    Each student showed their mock presentation on organ donation. After each presentation feedback were given on the basis of content of the presentation, validity & accuracy of the information in each slide and the overall presentation of the volunteer.


    Tips on how they could connect with their audience, how they could keep the length of the talk just right and how they could make their talk more interesting were also discussed. 


    Post the presentations and considering the above points, the students were given suggestions on how they could improve upon the content. Dr. Muneet also emphasized to them to keep the presentations short and simple, keeping in mind the target audience so that the message of organ donation is reached out to the general public effectively and succinctly. They were asked to send their final presentations incorporating the inputs given.


    The training was a huge success given the feedback written by the students. To name a few:


    “I enjoyed the workshop a lot. It was extremely interactive, informative and raised my curiosity. It made me much more sensitive and empathetic towards the cause of organ donation. I cannot wait to conduct a session on my own.” – Vanshika Pant (2nd year)


    “Honestly, I enjoyed the workshop. Mostly workshops are considered to be boring but this particular training was interesting, informative and fun. I will use this knowledge as a weapon to spread the word and take the cause forward.”- Shantanu Chaudhary (1st year) 


    “I felt inspired watching the videos.  Seeing the statistics, I realized that this is a subject of utmost importance. I also learnt as to how to present a presentation in front of a random crowd effectively.”- Siddeeq Ahmad (1styear)

    Source-Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi & Ms. Shriya Negi
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