ICU Workshop on Maintenance of a potential Brain Dead and Transplant Coordinator’s Program conducted at KIMS Hospital, Andhra Pradesh

Updated on Thursday, December 1, 2022
  • On 26th November 2022, an ICU Workshop on maintenance of a potential brain-dead donor & transplant coordinator’s programme was conducted by Jeevandan at KIMS Hospital – Kurnool, where Ms. Sadika Safeena from MOHAN Foundation coordinated the programme.

    This workshop was designed particularly for ICU Professionals, Nursing Staff &Transplant coordinator’s covering the medical, legal and counselling aspects of brain death and organ donation.  It drew 260 participants including the intensive care professionals and critical care staff from different hospitals in Kurnool.

    The inaugural ceremony was graced by Dr. K Rambabu (Director - VIMS & Chief Transplant Coordinator- Jeevandan, Andhra Pradesh), Dr. P N Jikki, (Professor & HOD – Govt. General Hospital, Kurnool)

    The agenda included the following sessions and panel discussions by eminent speakers and experts from the field:

    Dr. K. Rambabu (Director - VIMS & Chief Transplant Coordinator - Jeevandan, Andhra Pradesh), addressed the gathering and talked about Andhra Pradesh’s experience in the field of organ donation and transplantation & about brain stem death

    The session on ‘Brain Stem Death – Identification, Differentiation, Confirmation & Certification’ was presented by Dr. Sumanth Kumar N (Consultant Neurosurgeon KIMS Hospital , Kurnool). As part of the session an educative video on ‘Brain Stem Death Testing’ was played.

    A session on ‘Kidney Transplant – Pre & Post operative coordination & care of the recipient along with contraindications to kidney transplant ‘ was presented by Dr. P N Jikki, (Professor & HOD – Govt. General Hospital, Kurnool) & Dr. Y G Manoj Kumar (Consultant – Urology Department KIMS Hospital , Kurnool).

    Followed that was a session on ‘Maintenance of a potential braindead donor ‘which was presented by Dr. Y G Sharath (Consultant Critical Care – KIMS Hospital, Kurnool)

    The workshop continued with the presentation on ‘Living Donor Transplant Programme & role of Transplant coordinator in it’ and was explained by

    Dr. Ananth Rao (Consultant Nephrology Dept KIMS Hospital, Kurnool) followed by a session on ‘Basics of Liver disease & Liver Failure’ which was presented by Dr. Parmesha K N (Sr. Consultant Surgical Gastro & Liver Transplant Surgeon KIMS Secunderabad & by Dr. Naveen (Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist – KIMS Hospital, Kurnool.

    The last session of the workshop was about ‘Deceased donation programme & the role of Transplant coordinator in it’ which was presented by Dr. Sai Sudheer (MD, Professor & HOD – Govt. General Hospital – Kurnool)

    The workshop was concluded with the vote of thanks. The speakers as well as the participants were issued certificate by Dr. K. Rambabu

    Source-Ms.Sadika Safeena
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