Awareness Session on Organ Donation at Girija Society, Kothrud, Pune

Updated on Monday, May 29, 2023
  • MOHAN Foundation was invited by the members of Girija Society, Pune, to conduct an organ donation awareness session on 13th May ’23, for all residents. 

    Mr. Jagdish Borude addressed the session of 50 members. He touched upon various concepts of organ donation including who can donate, what are the types of donors, why should one support organ donation, etc.

    The motive of the session was to bring awareness and sensitise the residents about organ and body donation & more so to the senior citizens.

    He touched upon the basic concepts of organ donation, including -

    • Concept of organ donation and tissue donation
    • Concept and definition of Brain death
    • Types of death- Brain death and cardiac death
    • Organs and tissues donated after brain death and circulatory death
    • Why organ donation is important in India?
    • How one can save lives of 8 people
    • Body donation and its importance.
    • Ischemic time of each organ and tissue
    • THOTA act 1994 and its importance.

    The participants enthusiastically brought to the session their own insights and experiences too. The audience was a highly interactive group, eager to learn more about organ donation.

    At the end, the members raised a few queries such as:

    • Can body donation be done after organ donation and is the body handed over to relatives after Organ donation?
    • Can organ and body donation be conducted if the person hasn’t previously pledged as an organ donor?
    • Why is organ donation not done after cardiac death if patient is there in hospital?
    • Are the forms of body & organ donation the same?
    • What is the process of eye donation and body donation if death happens at home?

    The session came to an end with Mrs. Smita Vaidya giving the vote of thanks.

    MOHAN Foundation is thankful to the members of Girija Society, for their efforts to raise awareness.

    Source-Mr. Jagdish Borude
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