More Information about Eye Donation

What happens after eye donation?

• The donor's family receives a certificate of appreciation from the eye bank.

• The eyes are taken to the eye bank and evaluated by trained staff.

• They are preserved in a solution of Optisol GS and refrigerated. This solution contains chemicals and drugs that are needed to keep the living cells of cornea healthy and functional.

• Tests are carried out and the report is sent to the corneal surgeon.

• The eyes are used for a corneal transplant operation within 72 hours, but with present day availability of special storage media the eyes can be stored for a longer time before being transplanted.

• The recipient is chosen from the eye bank's waiting list and called for corneal transplant.

• Neither the patient knows whose cornea is used for him, nor the relatives of the donor know who has received the cornea. This information is strictly confidential.

• Periodic follow-up of the recipient is done over time to ensure that the graft is successful.

How much have we progressed in eye donation?

Efforts by various Government and NGO organization have increased awareness about the concept in India. The figure of actual donations are increasing over the years. But a large amount of support is needed from every one to reach the level we need to achieve.

The Starry eyes of a noble cause

Eye donation is one of the few causes that has received support from the famous and beautiful celebrities.

Your decision to donate eyes can light up people's lives . . . because it provides vision to two corneally blind persons.

A gist of eye donation

Donate eyes and give someone the gift of sight.....

Say Yes to Eye Donation!

1. Eye donors can belong to any age group or sex.

2. Eye donation is only after death and should be collected within six hours of death.

3. Eyes (corneas) will be collected at the donors place at any time in the day or night.

4. Collection, processing and distribution of eyes are done free of cost.

5. Collection of eyes will take only 10-15 minutes and will not disfigure the face of the donor.

6. One pair of eyes gives vision to TWO corneal blind people.

7. Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, old age, wearing spectacles etc, are no bar for eye donation.

You can help by

Eye Donation shows your responsibility to society as a caring, committed citizen.

Your attitude makes a world of difference.....
Your decision offers a vision of hope.

1. Pledging your eyes and those of the members of your family.

2. Being a member of the eye donation association.

3. Calling the nearest eye bank immediately when a death occurs in the family.

4. By giving the correct address with specific landmarks and a telephone number to enable the eye bank team to locate the place easily.

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