Unstoppable - Overcoming barriers to personal growth

Updated on Friday, May 29, 2020
  • On April 20, 2020 a webinar was organized by MOHAN Foundation on “overcoming barriers to personal growth”. The session was conducted by Mr. Naveen Nandigam. The session was very informative, enriching and engaging.


    Mr. Naveen Nandigam is a Chartered Accountant by profession who initiated 3N Training at Hyderabad with the intention to coach executives and participants to live a life of enrichment from the inside out, in his words, “conscious living”, to live a life worth living. Since 1990 he has coached, trained and mentored scores of employees, self-employed people, professionals, executives, home makers and students to live a life true to their potential by integrating a training and coaching style customised to their needs.


    He discussed the 7 barriers to personal growth and summed them up as 7D’s - Doubt, Distraction, Delay, Disorganized, Disown, Defensive, Delusion. Each D was discussed in detail and the participants had to guess each D that involved them in a fun way.


    Doubt: Self-doubt occurs when we lack confidence or feel incapable of doing things we need to do. People who doubt about themselves panic that things would go out of control. The solution to overcoming doubt is “believe in yourself”.


    Distraction: Can occur due to internal and external factors, when one is unable to focus over certain things and unable to make right decisions. This barrier can be overcome by focusing on one’s goal.


    Delay: The tendency to delay or postpone action is another major obstacle to growth. Being uncomfortable, fatigued and inaccessible can be overcome by doing the right thing and not what one likes. Countdown 5-4-3-2-1 also helps.


    Disorganized: This occurs when a person is not able to prioritize things because they think it is not important. This can be solved by clarifying one’s priorities and organizing one’s surroundings.


    Disown: This barrier could occur due to unwillingness and lack of interest. The person suffering from this feeling prefers to be problem free and shuns responsibilities. This can be overcome by becoming the ‘CEO’ of your position.


    Defensive: Being overly defensive signals sense of insecurity. A person who is always at guard and suffers from real or imagined criticism is not able to grow. Sense of over defensiveness closes a person down and he becomes a prisoner of his own thoughts. This barrier can be conquered by being ‘need’ based and not ‘mood’ based.


    Delusion: because the person feels everything is okay as one is unaware and denies reality. This barrier can be overcome by understanding the dynamics of the situation, to dream big but be aware of the reality because only action gives result.

    Mr. Nandigam also gave an insight on developing the 3 ‘H’ virtues of life: Happy, Hungry and Humble which he summarised as, to have a positive attitude in life, to strive for excellence and to be selfless and supportive of others.

    Source-Ms. Shriya Negi
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