Synchrony Dialogues with MOHAN Foundation-“Planned Parenthood Post Transplant”

Updated on Thursday, June 24, 2021
  • On June 19, 2021, MOHAN Foundation and The Network and Alliance of Transplant Coordinators (NATCO) in association with Transplant Pregnancy Registry International organised a webinar on “Planned Parenthood Post Transplant” as part of the ongoing series “Synchrony Dialogues with MOHAN Foundation”. The webinar was coordinated by Ms. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director-MOHAN Foundation-Delhi NCR. Ms. Lisa A. Coscia, Senior Registry Research Coordinator-Transplant Pregnancy Registry International, Philadelphia (USA) was the speaker. Two kidney recipients – Ms. Kannika Jain and Mr. Vasu Sundar – were also invited to share their experiences of becoming parents post their transplants.


    The Transplant Pregnancy Registry International (TPRI) is an international organisation specialising in studying pregnancy after solid-organ transplantation and to be a resource to the transplant community regarding parenthood after transplantation. TPRI is the longest running voluntary pregnancy registry in the world, which has been collecting pregnancy information for over 30 years. They do not have any Indian data hence; TPRI approached MOHAN Foundation to help in letting transplant professionals and recipients in India know about TPRI, as they are hoping to enrol as many recipients as possible into their study.  With additional pregnancy outcomes, TPRI will be able to continue to educate healthcare professionals and recipients enabling them to make informed decisions about parenthood after transplantation. MOHAN Foundation and TPRI have undertaken to partner to capture data of Indian transplant recipients and the webinar was a first step to introduce TPRI, it’s role and about planned parenthood post transplant.


    At the beginning of the session, Ms. Pallavi Kumar welcomed the audience and gave a brief introduction of the speakers. She also informed about the objective of the webinar and invited Ms. Lisa A. Coscia to begin the discussion.


    Ms. Lisa expressed her gratitude towards MOHAN Foundation for organising the webinar and inviting her for the talk. She discussed the following points: 

    • The National Transplantation Pregnancy Registry (NTPR) was established in 1991 to study the outcomes of pregnancy after transplantation in North America.
    • TPRI methods for data collection which includes informed consent, telephone interview with the participant, online questionnaire for international participants and long-term follow-up interviews to monitor recipient and offspring health.
    • Pregnancy outcomes in female transplant recipients.
    • Pregnancy outcomes in male transplant recipients.
    • Post-pregnancy recommendations for kidney recipients from health experts such as good general health for at least 1 year since transplant, minimal

    Immunosuppression, lower risk of infectious complications, no rejection in the last year prior to pregnancy.

    • Cyclosporine, tacrolimus, prednisone and azathioprine are generally considered safe during pregnancy.
    • Pregnancy outcomes in female transplant recipients with Mycophenolic acid exposure (MPA).
    • Pregnancies with exposure to MPA are associated with higher incidences of miscarriages and birth defects, including a specific pattern of birth defects in the offspring.
    • Overall, the outcomes of pregnancies fathered by transplant recipients appear similar to the general population.
    • TPRI data does not support the avoidance of MPA for male recipients considering parenthood.
    • Recipients of childbearing age should be counselled regarding feasibility and timing of pregnancy after transplantation.
    • A post transplant pregnancy should be managed by multidisciplinary teams.
    • TPRI will continue to collect and disseminate information to help recipients and their healthcare providers make informed decisions about the advisability of pregnancy and care for those who choose to become parents after a solid organ transplant.


    Sharing by kidney recipients


    Mrs. Kannika Jain (mother of a 3 year old son) and Mr. Vasu Sandur (father of a 24 year old daughter and a 21 year old son) shared their journey to become parents after kidney transplants. They shared their experiences, recommendations/advice from their nephrologists and how their medications changed during pregnancy.


    The webinar was very exciting and the audience was engaged thoroughly in the discussion. They asked many questions. To name a few:

    • How soon, after a transplant can one have a baby?
    • Are there recipients who are at a higher risk for complications during pregnancy?
    • Who was the nephrologist of Kannika Jain?
    • If they know of any patients who were on dialysis in India who had pregnancy? (question for the nephrologists)


    The webinar was live on MOHAN Foundation’s social media platforms such as Facebook (361 views) and YouTube (93 views).


    Click here to watch the video

    Source-Ms. Preeti Goswami
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