“Prevention and Management of Diabetes post-transplant”- A webinar by Patient Support Group

Updated on Friday, August 5, 2022
  • On 31st July 2022, a webinar was conducted on the topic “Prevention and Management of Diabetes post Transplant” in collaboration with SBI Cards and SBI Foundation. This session was conducted as a part of an awareness programme for transplant recipients and donors.


    Dr. Aanchal Makhija, Patient Support Group Counselor of TRIOMPH, welcomed the audience and the key speaker, Dr Pooja Lakhani to the webinar and gave a brief explanation about occurrence of diabetes post transplant and its causes.


    Dr. Pooja Lakhani, Certified Nutritionist, and a founder of POSHAN Mantra Pvt Ltd.  She began by explaining what exactly is Diabetes Mellitus and New Onset Diabetes Post Transplant (NODAT).  She also explained the following concepts-

    • Why we are at risk of diabetes post-transplant?
    • Reasons of diabetes post-transplant.
    • Warning signs of diabetes to observe
    • How to control or prevent diabetes post-transplant?


    She shared valuable information on Post Transplant Nutrition, including –

    • Balanced quantities and mix of cereals, fruits, vegetables, fats, oil and protein that should be consumed
    • Safety and hygiene habits
    • importance of staying fit by regularly exercising


    At the end, Mr. Purushotum Bakare, a kidney recipient narrated his experience of how he managed his diabetes post transplant with diet and fitness both under the supervision of doctors. The session ended with an interactive question and answer session.


    Few noteworthy questions from the audience include:

    1. Which is better - consumption of jaggery, normal sugar or brown sugar?
    2. What is the right time to have dinner?
    3. Which is safe insulin or medicines?


    Dr. Pooja answered all the questions and emphasized that intermitted fasting can be done only under the supervision of doctor and also gave reference of research which explained intermittent fasting and fat free diet both gives equal results in terms of losing weight.


    10 participants attended this webinar on Zoom session and 5 live participants on Fb and YouTube each. The total views are 63 and 4 shares on Facebook and on YouTube total views are 17 views as of Aug 1st 2022.


     Link - https://youtu.be/PcNpiJ7E91U


    MOHAN foundation thanks SBI Card, SBI Foundation and Dr. Pooja Lakhani and all the participants for supporting and attending the webinar.

    Source-Dr. Aanchal
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