Organ Donation Awareness in Indian People Rights Organisationís Annual Meet

Updated on Thursday, February 21, 2019
  • On 17th February 2019, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Indian People Rights Organisation to deliver an awareness talk on organ donation as a part of their 5th Annual Meet.    


    Ms Ishwarya Thyagarajan from MOHAN Foundation, accompanied by Mr. Yuvaraj and Mr. Ajith, Angels of Change from Thiruthangal Nadar College were at M P Devadas School - Vysarpadi, the event venue.


    Founder President of Indian People Rights Organisation - Dr. M D Kuberan, Senior Press Reporter - Mr. Ashok G Lodha, Film actor - Mr. Mime Gopi, Director - Mr. Akash Sudhakar, Lyricist - Mr. Logan and a few veteran social workers were the prominent dignitaries present at the event.


    The evening began with a march of respect and observance of a moment of silence for the Pulwama terror victims followed by the recital of Tamil Thai Vaazhuthu. Mr. Sasikumar J, Organisation Secretary welcomed the audience and made the introductions. He mentioned that creating organ donation awareness has been one of the most important activities of the organisation and they have been doing it since the last 2 years. He also stated that, at his own wedding reception, he and his wife along with a few other guests pledged their organs.


    Mr. Ajith and Mr. Yuvraj shared their experiences of being Angels of Change and learning about organ donation. Ms. Ishwarya explained the facts related to organ donation, brain death, transplantation, registering for a transplant, carrying a donor card and myths related to organ donation. The audience commented that the presentation was very informative and easy to understand. A motivational video on the theme of organ donation, an informative video about the significance of plastic ban and a video comprising the significant activities of the organisation were also played to the audience.


    Following the presentation, pledges were accepted from willing audience. It was heartening to see that a considerable number of participants were already carrying donor cards with them. Around 21 participants registered and were given donor cards.

    Along with Ms. Ishwarya, representatives from a few other NGOs working in the fields of environment, human welfare, etc. were felicitated. The organisation also honoured the eminent sports personality and Arjuna Awardee, Mr. A Maria Irudhayam; social worker Mr. Auto Gandhi; and a veteran blood donor Annachi.


    The closing remarks were delivered by Dr Kuberan, who thanked the organisers, participants and guests and emphasised the importance of being committed to at least one social cause for the betterment of the nation.    

    Source-Ishwarya Thyagarajan
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