Organ Donation Awareness for Police in Nagpur

Updated on Monday, September 23, 2019
  • On 7th April 2018, Mr. Sunil Wade - Police Sub-Inspector of Sadar Police Station in Nagpur  invited MOHAN Foundation to deliver a talk on deceased organ donation and transplantation.

    Mr. Bulu Behera, Transplant Coordinator of MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur Center was deputed for the task. He spoke on the following topics:

    • Types of death
    • Natural death and the tissues that can be donated after natural death
    • Brain death and organs and tissues that can be donated after brain death
    • Need for green corridor in organ donation
    • Importance of  the role of police in organ donation  
    • The importance of donor card how it could help people to donate organs
    • Importance wearing helmet
    • The legal and ethical aspects of organ donation and the process of pledging organs
    • Using MOHAN Foundation’s website and helpline number

    Question asked by participants:-

    • Where is the MOHAN Foundation office in Nagpur?
    • Is any financial support provided to the donor family?
    • Why does MOHAN Foundation do public awareness events?

    The session highlighted how the police personnel in the audience can be part of this noble cause and how they can motivate others. Around 40 police personnel attended the session and 2 of them registered as donors. 


    Source-Bulu Behera
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