Organ Donation Awareness Program at SSN College

Updated on Tuesday, March 23, 2010
  • On 20th March 2010, we had an Organ donation Awareness program in Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar school of Management and Computer Applications (SSN SOMCA).

    Dr.  V. Veerappan, Reanimatologist BillRoth Hospitals was the  Chief Guest.

    The program started at 10.30 am, with Ms. Veena, Ms. Gayatri, and Ms. Febi from MOHAN Foundation called to the Dias along with Dr. Veerappan, College Dean Dr. K. Kasthuri and President of Rotary Club of Madras Perungudi, Mr. Sevlanathan. Around 200 student attended the program

    After the welcome speech, Dr Veerappan made a presentation on Organ Donation. He talked about why we should donate organs, Brain Death, and tests to confirm it.

    This was followed by a presentation by Ms. Veena. She showed a documentary on a gypsy family that donated their son’s organs. The main point being driven was that even though you have lost your loved one, he can live on in some other person. Ms. Veena also talked about her experiences as a Transplant Coordinator which was very moving. This was followed by a question answer session. Some of the questions asked were -

    How can we help you monetarily – for what purposes do you need  money in MOHAN Foundation ?

    Questions about transplanting – is there any money involved during the donation?

    How is it decided who the recipient will be, what is the order of priority?

    Where do you get funding for MOHAN Foundation?

    As Ms Veena was explaining to the audience about how there is a need to help the donor families with some small gesture like arranging  for free transportation to get the body back home, the Rotary Club President Mr. Selvanathan got up and announced that the Club will donate Rs. 10,000 towards the same!

    The program wound up around 1 pm, many students stopped by the MOHAN Foundation stall put up and took Donor cards, some students also came forward to volunteer in future programs that MOHAN Foundation has plans to arrange.

    All in all, it was a very good experience spreading the awareness of Organ Donation, and understanding the questions that public has about Organ Donation.


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