Donor Families honored on World Kidney Day

Updated on Thursday, March 11, 2010
  • MOHAN Foundation, celebrated World Kidney Day on March 11, 2010 at Loyola College premises. Incidentally, MOHAN Foundation had installed a plaque in memory of the organ donors of chennai 10 years ago and also planted saplings at the same place, many of which have now grown to tall trees!

    It was but fitting that we celebrated the world kidney day here, by inviting some Donor families and recognizing their support to the cause of Organ Donation.


    First of all, Dr Sunil Shroff gave a short talk. Then, Transplant Coordinator Veena read out a poem on Organ Donation. This was followed by a moving poem rendering by Dr Sumana written by a mother who had lost her young son in an accident but had donated his heart.

    Then, all the donor family members laid a wreath and a garland at the plaque.

    Mr Anant Krishnan, Internet editor of The Hindu, gave away a certificate to each of the donor families, honoring their selfless act of donating organs and saving lives, at a time of terrible grief of losing their loved ones.


    Thanks to the donor families who had kindly attended the function and also to all the Donors all over India who are such a pillar of support to the Organ Donation campaign!

    Poem written by a mother who donated her son’s organs


    You never said I am leaving
    Little did I know that this little son
    Of ours was all set, to set forever
    When we heard him whisper in our ears
    Oh mom, dear dad, here I am with the Lord
    Enthralled by his blissful serenity
    Never feel the vacuum of my absence
    For I’ve left the imprints of my presence
    Ever praise the Lord but never curse him
    For he, whom the Lord loves never leaves him
    There is no pain or pressure
    The journey to the distant world is a pleasure
    Mom, I felt the organs are of no avail
    In my quest towards the ultimate
    Thus, my wish is to give so that
    I can take the cherished values of the maker
    Mom and dad, aren’t you proud of me
    Our souls are entwined forever
    And we’ll never be apart
    Ever think of me for I’m right there
    Not only in your heart
    But also in someone else’s.

    Donor Family Details:

    29 Year old Mr. Venkatesh was declared brain dead in a road accident. The family consented to donate his eyes, kidneys and liver. Mr Anand, his cousin represented Mr Venkatesh and received the certificate of appreciation from MOHAN foundation.

    42 year old Mrs. Sumathi, was declared brain dead in a road accident. Mr Rajendran her husband, donated her eyes, kidneys, liver and heart. Mr . Rajendran had come with his twin sons to attend the function and received the certificate of appreciation.

    52 year old Mrs . Asha Devi was declared brain dead in a road accident. Her husband, Mr. Chandrasekharan donated her heart, eyes, kidneys and liver. Mr . Chandrasekharan represented Mrs. Asha Devi and received the certificate of appreciation from MOHAN Foundation.

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