NEXUS Vijaya Mall partners with MOHAN Foundation for an awareness drive

Updated on Friday, September 23, 2022
  • Mr. Arun Kumar Rambabu of Nexus Vijaya and his team organised the Organ Donation drive in NEXUS Vadapalani Mall, Chennai in partnership with MOHAN Foundation. The drive was for 4 days of Sept 15 -18, 2022 and was held in the main atrium of the mall. 

    Nexus Mall put a stage with a backdrop and also a Banner for a signature campaign.  The place was made more attractive with green balloons, photo booth, Life before Ashes Exhibition and a counter for information and donor pledge registration.

    On Sep 15, 2022 at 3:30 PM Mr. Ganesh (Marketing Coordinator), Ms. Arshiya Fathima (Helpline Counsellor) and inters of MMM College of Health Sciences arranged an information desk with information brochures, standees, green ribbon and donor cards and registration forms. The entire  nephrology team along with Dr. M Ram Prabhakar, Chief Nephrologist, SIMS Hospital inaugurated the drive by lighting of a lamp, along with Mr. Mark Jeffries, Centre Head, Nexus Vijaya Vadapalani Mall and Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, MOHAN Foundation. Dr. M Ram Prabhakar spoke about the value of organ donation and answered questions from the public.


    The staff and interns manned the information desk and encouraged the public to visit the exhibition and signup on the banner.  Information about body donation, eye donation and organ donation was given to the people who approached the desk.


    On Sep 16, 2022 at 11:00 AM, Ms. Arshiya Fathima arranged the information desk and started the registration and explained about the organ donation and the importance of helpline number. Ms. Arshiya answered all the queries. Mr. Jerome mobilized the people  to visit the information desk. Mr. Shanth Ragul, Project Executive explained about the Signature Campaign, Organ Donation and Helpline Number. A puzzle activity was conducted for children. Children received green balloons and wristband on completion of the puzzles. Mr. Ganesh helped the people with donor pledging.  


    On Sep 17, 2022 at 11.00 AM Ms. Arshiya Fathima and Mr. Balaji arranged the information desk and standee. Queries were answered and myths were busted at the information desk. Mr. Balaji mobilized the people to visit the organ donation drive.  A special events of street theatre was performed by students of Madras School of Social Work which created a lot of interest. MOHAN FOUNDATION invited a special Guest Dr. S.K. Gayathri, Actor and Social Activist to  speak about her views on Organ Donation. Ms Gayathri gave an interview for the public and also motivated them to support the cause. Mr. Ganesh helped in solving queries and getting donor pledges.

    On Sep 18,2022 the information desk was setup at 2:00 PM.  Mr. Shanth Ragul, Mr. Ganesh, Ms. Arshiya and Mr. Balaji were on duty for  the registration and conducting the puzzle activity.  There was a lot of interest among the people about the drive. Dr. Hemal started to distribute the brochure and explained about the Organ Donation. Dr. Sunil Shroff and Mrs Shaila Shroff joined the drive.  Volunteers of NGO Candles along with transplant coordinator Mr. Raghavan performed traditional Tamil dances with traditional Paarai and Thavil music instruments. Nearly all the crowd in the 4 stories of the mall gathered  to see the performance. At the end of the performance the helpline number was displayed.

    A total of 228 donor pledge registration were done and more than 1200 people signed on the signature campaign banner in support of organ donation. More than 5000 came to know of organ donation through this drive. Many of them appreciated the Life Before Ashes Exhibition.  MOHAN Foundation wholeheartedly thanks Nexus Vijaya Mall management and staff for their efforts and cooperation  during the drive. 

    Source-Arshiya Fathima
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