MoU signed by Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai & MOHAN Foundation

Updated on Thursday, May 24, 2012
  • In a reaffirmation of the work that is being done by MOHAN Foundation’s Grief counsellors/transplant coordinators in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between this renowned hospital and MOHAN Foundation was extended for a period of three years. Dr. V. Kanagasabai, Dean of Madras Medical College and Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital and Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation signed the MoU extension on 23rd May 2012. This MoU will be valid until April 2015. Both the organisations, along with the Cadaver Transplant Programme (CTP), Govt. of Tamil Nadu, and Dr. J. Amalorpavanathan, Convener, CTP are committed to furthering the deceased organ donation programme in the state.


    Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital is one of the oldest public hospitals that has been involved with kidney and more recently heart transplants. This has helped many poor patients with organ failure. For the past 15 years, MOHAN Foundation has been involved with facilitating deceased organ donations to meet the organ shortage in the country. It is also involved in training grief counsellors/transplant coordinators as they are an important part of the workforce in this programme.


    Recognizing the potential in collaborating with MOHAN Foundation, the administration and Dean of Madras Medical College and Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital signed an MoU with MOHAN Foundation originally in February 2010 to place its trained counselors at the hospital for a period of two years (February 2010 -  January 2012). Working closely with the hospital’s medical teams and administration, the transplant coordinators have facilitated organ and tissue donations from 47 deceased donors from February 2010 to March 2012. A total of 283 solid organ and tissues were retrieved and transplanted as a result.

    • Kidneys         - 82
    • Liver             - 41
    • Heart             - 9
    • Lungs            - 6
    • Heart valves  - 50
    • Corneas         - 94

    The second largest number of deceased organ donations in Tamil Nadu take place in the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai.

    Source-Ms. Sujatha
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