Masterclass on for Transplant Coordinators - Decoding the Power of Focus

Updated on Tuesday, April 5, 2022
  • On March 26, 2022 MOHAN Foundation and NATCO (Network and Alliance of Transplant Coordinators) conducted a virtual Masterclass on ‘Decoding the Power of Focus’ for NATCO members and the staff of MOHAN Foundation.


    MOHAN Foundation conducts Masterclass on various topics, for Transplant coordinators across the country, aimed at enhancing the knowledge and empowering them with practical skills to manage and engage effectively at their workplaces.


    Mr. Sri Ram Kumar Chandrasekaran was the invited expert faculty who conducted the workshop on ‘Decoding the Power of Focus’. He is senior management professional who has worked with Coachees, aiding them in problem-solving, goal setting and achievement, increasing self-esteem and confidence vis-à-vis their communication capabilities. He is a consultant, coach, corporate trainer / facilitator, TEDX speaker and an author.


    Mr. Sri Ram began the workshop by inviting from the participants what their expectations were from the workshop. The participants responded with a few queries such as -


    1. How to stay focused when one is multitasking?
    2. How to decide, plan and focus on one’s work?
    3. If distracted, how does once bounce back and refocus?


    Mr. Sri Ram then went on to share a few important concepts about focus, recognizing the disruptors (of focus), types of disruptors and lastly, dealing with them, so as to get focussed. He engaged the participants and made the workshop very interesting, through activities, examples and interactions.


    MOHAN Foundation thanks Mr. Sri Ram for conducting an excellent and interactive workshop by articulating the concepts in a simple manner and using real life, practical examples for the participants to understand and correlate better. 32 participants attended the workshop.


    MOHAN Foundation thanks SBI Foundation and SBI Card for their support to such Masterclass workshops.


    A few feedback from the participants:

    “Please accept my sincere gratitude towards organizing such Masterclasses and that too choosing the best faculty around. This was indeed an excellent learning platform imbibing the subject of great concern to us as Transplant Coordinators. Looking forward to hearing from you soon with more of such interactive Masterclasses”

    -           Mr. Shishir Kumar, a NATCO member.

    “Thank you NATCO and MOHAN Foundation for such a great session”

    -          Ms. Priti Jain, also a NATCO member.


    Source-Ms. Jaya Jairam
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