Masterclass on Goal Setting – a workshop for Transplant Coordinators organized by MOHAN Foundation and NATCO supported by SBI Foundation

Updated on Wednesday, March 2, 2022
  • On February 19, 2022, MOHAN Foundation with NATCO organized a Masterclass on Goal Setting – a workshop for Transplant Coordinators, supported by SBI Foundation. Mr. Sri Ram Kumar Chandrasekharan was the invited faculty for the session.


    Mr Chandrasekharan is a performance-driven senior management professional with 25+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. He has worked with Coaches, across diverse industries and levels of experience, aiding them in problem-solving, goal setting and achievement, increasing self-esteem and confidence vis-à-vis their communication capabilities. He has designed and delivered more than 22,000 hours of Training/Facilitation interventions both offline and online. He is a LinkedIn contributor, consultant, coach, corporate trainer/facilitator, TEDx speaker, and author and a supporter, friend, and well-wisher of the Foundation.


    At the opening of the session, Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram, Country Director, MOHAN Foundation, welcomed him and all the guests. She then invited Mr. Sri Chandrasekharan to address the participants.


    He began by introducing himself and discussing goals based on his own experience. He then divided the discussion into three sections, namely 

    • Participatory session
    • Expectations from the session
    • Share your personal experiences


    He said that the entire focus of the session will be interaction, based on the engagement with the participants. He then requested the participants to come forward and share their expectations and takeaways.


    Ms. Vrinda, Transplant Coordinator from Pune, Maharashtra said that her takeaway after the session would be to communicate without apprehension i.e become a confident communicator. Ms. Surekha from Vijayawada said that she needed to find a way to push herself to do something good for society. Mr. Nagaraju from Hyderabad said that are goals really good or do they have risk of disappointing us if we have not met them. Mr. Devang Chhaya, life member of MOHAN Foundation from Nagpur asked that as a senior citizen does he set goals for himself or does he make a goal to get others junior to him set goals and help them in achieving them, in other words how to prioritize goals.


    Sri Ram Kumar Chandrasekharan then formally began the session after listening to everyone’s expectations and takeaways. He mentioned three challenges that come up as a result of working toward our goals and they are:

    • How are we resilient about our goals?
    • How do we become result oriented about our goals?
    • How do we keep our goals relevant to us?


    He called them the 3 ‘Rs’


    He then demonstrated the fundamentals of goalsetting and how to achieve them with the help of a simple PowerPoint presentation titled, “Setting Goals & Setting Them”. The following were thoroughly discussed:

    • SMART Framework (Process on setting the goals) S – specificity, M – measurable, A – achievable, R – realistic, T – time bound
    • How does one actually work towards executing the goals – A small framework was shared that had three components, namely
    • Mind set (helps us be on the journey always)
    • Skill set
    • Tool set 


    Mind-setSelf-awareness – is all about realizing four dimensions of life-: professional, social, intellectual & emotional. We are all amalgam of these four dimensions. We should not forget either of these as we work towards our goals.


    Skill-set – lies in building the “Harmony” in the above mentioned four dimensions of life.


    Tool-setInformation (what is it that helps us gain knowledge to achieve our goals). This information comes to us when we are in the midst of right kind of people. Once you are with the right kind of company or people, you start getting feedback - becomes an impetus for us to do better than the way that we are doing to achieve our goals. This would then help us take the right kind of action. Work towards start line focus rather than a dead-line focus which would help us to begin on a positive note.


    To kind of summarize, Self-awareness, Humility/Harmony, Information, Feedback & Taking right action are the five phases in the mind set, skill set & tool set that will help us to work towards our goal consistently, i.e., a SHIFT, one needs to bring about when we look at our goals.


    In the end, Ms. Jaya Jairam, Director, MOHAN Foundation, Mumbai, gave the vote of thanks.


    The session was very well received by the participants. Close to 48 participants attended the session.

    Source-Ms. Sachi Gupta
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