MOHAN Foundation conducted awareness session on organ donation at D.M.’s PVS Sarojini M. Kushe Higher Secondary School & Institute of Vocational Studies, Goa

Updated on Sunday, January 29, 2023
  • On January 28, 2023, Mr. Gabriel from the MOHAN Foundation Goa conducted an organ donation awareness talk at D. M.’s PVS Sarojini M. Kushe Higher Secondary School and Institute of Vocational Studies, Assagao, Goa. Mr. Gabriel showed a short video on "Live Beyond Life," a short-animated presentation on organ donation by Shweta Gupta.


    Mr. Gabriel interacted with students, asking them what came to mind when someone asked what is organ donation, and he explained to them what organs could be donated when a person is declared brain dead, the process, and the law; he explained what tissues could be donated when a person dies due to cardiac arrest or if a person passes away at home.


    Mr. Gabriel asked anyone if they had a driving license, as one student had one. He informed those who intend to apply for a driver's licence in the future to check the boxes on Form 2 indicating their willingness to donate.


    There were 8 teachers and around 17 students from the vocational computer studies who attended the talk.


    Mr. Gabriel gave out flyers of the MOHAN Foundation to the students and teachers. The vice principal thanked Mr. Gabriel for the awareness talk and agreed to have more similar talks in the coming months with other students.


    Source-Mr. Gabriel John Pereira
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