MOHAN Foundation conducted Organ Donation Awareness at Anjuman Girls Degree College of Arts (AGDCA)

Updated on Monday, January 15, 2024
  • On January 10, 2024 Transplant Coordinator Mr. Bulu Behera conducted the awareness sessionon Organ Donation Transplantation, for the students of Arts at Anjuman Girls Degree College of Arts (AGDCA), Sadar in  Nagpur MOHAN Foundation was invited by Principal Dr.Hasina Suri, who welcomed the studentsof  National Service Scheme (NSS) camp students.On occasion of Seven Days NSS camp, Mr. Bulu conducted this awareness session and explained the concept of Organ Donation, Brain Death, Deceased Organ Transplant and Registration as Donor. The following Information given by Mr. Behera-

     What is organ donation and who can donate organs?

     What is living donation & which organs can be donated?

     The types of deaths and Its Organ & Tissues Donation.

     What is brain death & which organs and tissues can be donated?


     Difference between ‘Coma’ and ‘Brain death’.

     Time factors for organ retrieval & transplantation.

     Age limit for organ donation?

     Role of NOTTO, ROTTO, SOTTO, ZTCC for organ donation. Information about Organ Transplant Act 1994. Information about hand and leg transplant

     Information about MLC case and Non MLC about organ donation.

     Myths and facts related organ donation.

     Request to use MOHAN Foundation website and help line number.Questions asked by participants

     After brain death which organ and tissues can be donate?

     Is there any possibility to donate ‘Brain’ after death?

     Is unrelated Living donation possible?Total 55 students and teachers attended this session .

      Two of them pledged to donate Organs. MOHAN Foundation extends its warm gratitude towards management and NSS for the support and to Dr. Hasina Suri for organizing the event.

    Source-Bulu Behera
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