MOHAN Foundation, NCR was invited as a guest panelist for an online panel discussion on “65th edition - Make it Matter: Give a Life, After Life”.

Updated on Tuesday, May 7, 2024
  • On May 03, 2024, MOHAN Foundation, NCR, was invited as a guest panelist to the online panel discussion, "65th Edition - Make it Matter: Give a Life, After Life," organized by HDFC – ERGO, General Insurance Company Limited, Noida, UP, India. Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi, Program Manager, MOHAN Foundation (MF), NCR, was one of the panelists for the discussion.


    The other three panelists were:

    • Dr. Ankush Gohlar, Consultant, Transplant Surgery, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital

    • Dr. Gaurav Patel, Consultant, Transplant Surgery, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital & Founder, Jeevanjyot Foundation.

    • Dr. Surya Prakash, Head, Underwriting & Claims, HDFC ERGO.


    HDFC - ERGO General Insurance Company Limited is one of the insurance entities driven to provide insurance solutions to customers and also has secured over 1.5 Crores customers right from offering comprehensive wide range of car, travel & health insurance plans.


    The panel discussion was initiated by Mr. Shashant Shetty, Vice President of Marketing at HDFC ERGO, who also served as the moderator. He began by delving into the intricacies of advanced clinical procedures in organ transplantation but expressed concerns regarding the availability of organs for such procedures.


    The panel delved into a range of topics concerning organ donation, including different types of donations, eligible organs for donation, the donation process, criteria for brain death determination, organ allocation within India, medical standards for transplantation, the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA) of 1994, insurance coverage for transplant procedures, and the roles played by HDFC-ERGO and the MOHAN Foundation.


    Panelist also addressed the following questions:


    Dr. Gaurav Patel:

    • What is organ donation & why it is necessary?

    • How many transplant surgeries have you performed in your lifetime?

    • What is brain death?


    Dr. Patel highlighted that approximately 65% - 70% of people live beyond 10 years post-transplant.


    Dr. Ankush Gohlar:

    • Besides alternative treatments, what advantages do transplant surgeries offer?

    • Under what circumstances do doctors assert that transplantation is the sole option for a patient's survival?

    • Are there ongoing clinical trials or recent advancements in transplant procedures?


    Dr. Gohlar noted that donors typically leave the hospital within 5-7 days, with a recovery span of approximately one month, allowing them to resume all activities within three months. Conversely, recipients face a lengthier recovery period, ranging from 3 to 6 months, primarily due to a heightened susceptibility to infections and the necessity for immunosuppressants.


    Dr. Surya Prakash:

    • Are all organ transplants covered by insurance policies, or is specific insurance required?

    • Which organs are transplanted most frequently?

    • Are surgeries for living donors typically covered by insurance, or is coverage usually limited to the recipient's policy?

    • Which policies cover post-surgery care?


    Dr. Sahi discussed the inclusivity of organ donation, underlining that individuals of any race, religion, ethnicity, or age can become donors. She illustrated this with examples such as Sh. Tej Ram, Trustee of Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, who, at 88 years old, became India's oldest organ donor, and the youngest donor at PGIMER, a 70-hour-old boy whose kidneys were donated in February. Additionally, she noted the transition from using the term "cadaver donor" to "deceased donor" and the expansion of the law to encompass tissues alongside organs, as stipulated by the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act (THOTA), which was amended in 2011.


    Dr. Sahi highlighted the vital importance of consent in both living and deceased organ donation, emphasizing that monetary benefits should not be involved in the process. She noted the prevalence of the opt-in system in India and the USA and clarified that pledging is not legally binding.


    Furthermore, Dr. Sahi pointed out that organizations such as the MOHAN Foundation are unable to allocate organs due to healthcare being a state matter in India. Instead, state registries like Transtan Authority, Jeevandaan, Jeevasarthakathe, and ZTCC transparently manage waiting lists under the supervision of NOTTO.


    The most prevalent causes that lead to organ donation include road traffic accidents (RTA), brain strokes (hemorrhage), and brain tumors resulting in head injuries. In cases where the patient survives, they may lapse into a coma or vegetative state, as exemplified by Ms. Aruna Shanbaug, a junior nurse at Mumbai's KEM Hospital, who remained in a vegetative state for over 41 years following a sexual assault. The third potential outcome is the progression to brain death. Finally, Dr. Sahi emphasized the significance of proactive discussions within families regarding organ donation, which can facilitate smoother processes when critical decisions need to be made.

    Overall, the panel discussion proved to be engaging and informative. Mr. Shanshant Shetty expressed gratitude to his colleague Kartik Narendra for initiating the discussion in support of humanity. Emotional videos were strategically interspersed throughout the discussion to promote organ donation and foster an emotional connection with the audience towards this noble cause. The message aimed to resonate with all HDFC Ergo employees and other audiences alike. The discussion concluded with a call to action, urging everyone to proudly become organ donors and make a pledge. It was emphasized that in today's era, where we often prioritize helping others, organ donation stands as a tangible way to continue aiding even after we pass away.


    Source-Mr. Sanchit Arora
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