Interactive session on Organ Donation conducted for Bahujan Agahadi political party, Nagpur

Updated on Tuesday, May 17, 2022
  • On 14th May 2022, MOHAN Foundation conducted an interactive session on organ donation for Bahujan Agahadi political party at Trimruti Nagar, NIT Garden Campus, Nagpur. Mr. Bulu Behera was the key resource person, he coordinated with Mr. Amol Hadke – Party President of Trimruti Nagar and organized this session.

    Mr. Bulu Behera began the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation, its mission and vision. He addressed the audience by asking a few questions on organ donation, elucidated the need and importance of organ donation, and engaged the audience with the presentation.

    The following topics were discussed briefly with the audience,

    1. Concept of organ & tissue donation.
    2. Types of death - Circularly death & Brain death.
    3. Brain death declaration, apnea test and other clinical tests.
    4. Types of donor – Living and Deceased
    5. Procedure of Eye, Skin and bone donation.
    6. Barriers of organ donation.
    7. Myths and facts related to organ donation.
    8. Information about Green corridor.


    Thereafter, he discussed about the Donor Card and its importance, he then appealed each one to become ambassadors of organ donation, MOHAN Foundation’s helpline number was displayed to the audience

    The session was interactive and interesting, below are a few questions raised by the audience

    1.  What is the difference between coma and brain death?

    2.  Who is the founder of MOHAN Foundation?

    Mr. Bulu Behera answered all the questions of audience and thanked each one for their active participation.

    Approximately 50 participants were present for the session and eight of them pledged their organs. We are thankful to Mr. Amol Hadke, for helping us to organize this session.


    Source-Mr. Bulu Behera
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