Batch 28 of Organ Donation Ambassadors complete their training

Updated on Tuesday, April 9, 2024
  • Nine volunteers underwent the Module 2 of the Organ Donation Ambassadors training on April 06, 2024. This was 28th batch of training that gives common man a way of understanding Organ Donation and also to deliver information on organ donation in the community. It was conducted on a zoom platform. Since this training follows up with the Gift of Life Course, the trainees are given an opportunity to interact with experts and clarify their doubts. The training also involves a Gratitude Workshop and exposure on how to reach the public. The ambassadors were doctors, college students and other professionals.

    The Module 2 started with a short summation of the Training and expectations by Dr Hemal Kanvinde. All the trainees introduced themselves and their reason to join as an Ambassadors.  They also gave a feedback on the Gift of Life Course.

    The second session was interactions with experts in the field of donation and transplantation.  The experts were: 

    Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation

    Dr. A. Chandra Shekar, Senior Consultant Nephrology, Naryana Multispeciality Hospital, Bangalore

    Dr. Rohini Motwani, Assistant Professor, AIIMS Bibi Nagar, Telangana

    Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi, Programme Manager MF, Delhi NCR,

    Ms. Kavitha Aneesh, Senior transplant coordinator, MGM Hospital, Chennai

    Dr. Job Kasweshi, Kidney recipient & Transplant Coordinator, Govt of Zambia

    Dr. Hemal Kanvinde Q&A Officer MOHAN Foundation. 


    All the participants had many questions for the experts. The topics covered in the discussion were:

    1.     How to motivate the public to support the cause and deal with myths

    2.     Process of voluntary body donation

    3.     Importance to education on organ donation and transplantation in the public as well as in the healthcare sector

    4.     Grief counselling and handling difficult cases

    Mr Job Kasweshi added how he prepared himself for the transplant. He also spoke of the changes in his life after the transplant.  It was good learning for the ambassadors. This discussion lasted for more than 1 hour. 

    Dr Muneet Kaur Sahi conducted a Gratitude workshop. She spoke of the feelings of a recipient and the need to express them. One way is to write a thank you letter to the donor family. She asked the candidates to write as if they have received an organ and wish to express their gratitude to the donor families. It was an emotional session for all the candidates, when they read out the the letters. Dr Muneet also commented on the outputs of the candidates.

    The last session was on ways to create awareness on organ donation. This session was conducted by Dr Hemal Kanvinde, wherein she showed the different modes of creating awareness, from basic talks and rallies to conferences and using online platform and using art and local culture to get the message across. She also gave tips on how to make a presentation.

    The Ambassadors were thankful for the session and promised to start their activities. They also expressed their wish to be linked with other ambassadors.

    Source-Ms. Arshiya Fathima H
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