Awareness session at Krishna Landi Renzo Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon

Updated on Thursday, September 10, 2015
  • On September 8, 2015, MOHAN Foundation conducted an awareness session on organ donation for the staff of Krishna Landi Renzo India Pvt. Ltd. at their factory cum office in Sector-33, Gurgaon. The session was organised as part of the,'being human,' month activity and Mr Rahul Sharma (Manager-P & A/Plant HR) took the initiative to coordinate and organise the session.


    Krishna Landi Renzo is a corporate grouping, formed in 2012 constituting of 35 people in all. Krishna group formed a joint venture with Landi Renzo for efficient fuel solutions. The group manufactures CNG kits for Wagon R brand of Maruti.


    The session was conducted by Dr Muneet Kaur Sahi with the help of Ms Chaitanya Jonker.  She started the session by asking the present employees what they knew about organ donation in order to gauge their level of information about the topic. Then she presented them with the statistics of demand and supply rates of organ donations in India, who all can donate organs and what all organs could be donated. The concept of brain death and how it is established, Transplantation of Human Organs Act and contraindications to organ donation were also explained.  The myths were also addressed.


    Special mention about eye donation and how each of us could contribute towards the cause was stressed upon. The 5 minute brain death video was also shown in the end.


    Queries like if a potential donor is suffering from some viral disease and his organs could be donated to any patient suffering from same disease, any kind of financial incentives could be given to attract donors, etc. were handled in a professional manner.


    21 employees attended the talk and 17 donor cards were picked up.


    In the end, Dr Muneet planted a small plant, as part of the company's tradition.

    Source-Ms. Chaitanya Jonker
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