Awareness Session on Organ Donation at Community Health Centre (CHC), Chiri, Rohtak

Updated on Thursday, July 20, 2023
  • On July 13, 2023, SOTTO Haryana & MOHAN Foundation conducted an Organ Donation awareness talk at Community Health Center (CHC) Chiri, Rohtak


    Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Senior Medical Officer (SMO) at CHC Chiri, introduced the participants to SOTTO Haryana team and MOHAN Foundation. He discussed their dedicated collaboration in Haryana for the cause of organ donation.


    Ms. Renu Kumari, Project Leader at MOHAN Foundation, began the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation and discussing organ donation in detail, including its process and criteria. She explained brain death causes and its distinction from coma. Tissue and voluntary body donation were also covered, along with addressing misconceptions and cons related to organ donation.


    Ms. Deepti Kumari, Transplant Coordinator, SOTTO Haryana, addressed the participants' queries, such as the possibility of swap donation for two organs and whether an organ from a deceased donor can be given to a family member.


    Dr. Kuldeep Singh and Dr. Varun Arora, Professor, Community Medicine Department, PGIMS, Rohtak, expressed their gratitude to SOTTO Haryana and MOHAN Foundation team for conducting the informative session and their commendable work for the cause.


    Close to 50 participants which included staff members, students pursuing MBBS and general public attended the talk. 21 pledged to donate their organs.

    Source-Ms. Renu Kumari
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