Angels of Change Volunteer Training at Vijaya Educational Academy

Updated on Saturday, June 23, 2018
  • On 22nd June 2018, Dr. Hemal Kanvinde (Quality Assurance Officer), Mr. Ruban Victor (Program Manager), Mr. Siva Shankar (Helpline Executive) and Ms. Sharmila Palin (Intern) of MOHAN Foundation conducted an Angels of Change Volunteer Training Program for the students of Vijaya Educational Academy – School of Allied Health Sciences. 41 students and 2 staff of the college participated in the program. 

    The training focused on training the participants in different aspects like Knowledge on Organ Donation, Transplantation process, how to create and conduct public awareness programs on organ donation.  The training was to motivate the students to take up the noble cause.

    The program started with introduction about MOHAN Foundation and the angels of change volunteer training program by Dr. Hemal. This was followed by a talk on the Concepts of organ donation by Mr. Siva Shankar. The students were asked to read the stories of donors and a video of a heart recipient was shown. They were asked to write a thank you note to a donor family.

     Ms. Sharmila spoke on the how, when and why of reaching out about organ donation to the public. Mr. Ruban Victor completed an activity based on the Protocol for process of transplantation.

    The participants were divided into five groups, events team, public speaking team, social media team and the survey team. Each team was trained and asked to do a task accordingly. All the teams were encouraged to present their work. The social media team made a short film to promote organ donation within their time span edited and presented it. The survey team collated their information, analysed and presented their survey results on a chart.  The events teams, planned their events and presented their plans and the public awareness teams practiced their presentation with the participants.

    To relax them, a workshop on Art & Painting session was conducted by Mrs. N. Shyamala Devi. She taught all the students how to use fabric painting to promote organ donation as well as for their own use. At last the program ended satisfactorily by giving prizes to the best thank you letters written by the participants.

    Source-Sharmila Palin A
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